Cát Tường Phú Sinh – Đất Nền Dao Động Từ 500 – 600 Triệu.. Nhiều Vị Trí Đẹp

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#tip01: Hướng dẫn sử dụng công cụ Track Change để kiểm soát sự thay đổi trong văn bản của bạn

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  1. 3:30 LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder

  2. lmao why would you run from clinton, run if it was trump !!! that's how you'd know she has issues.

  3. 2:08 did anyone else notice that pewds arm was directly on one of the four nipples except the green screen just ends before it reaches

  4. It's December 31st today. I'll play the brofist song then

  5. 10:09 he’s still wearing his pants high waisted 😂

  6. 2 years later. I hope PewDiePie watches rise of skywalker

  7. Star Wars DooDoo

    Edit: just the new ones, except rouge ones

  8. Damn you know you old when meme review was a thing in 2017 jesus

  9. Epic*

  10. Here's my dollar.

  11. Gamer moment super epic

  12. "What went wrong?"

    I'll tell you what went wrong; Disney decided to give the reigns to STAR WARS to some fucking guy who made like 1 other successful movie.

  13. 0:48 dislike unsubscribe

  14. 0:48 Say sike right now.

  15. Gregory

  16. Me realizing i can pause the video every time he claps in the intro and getting double the memes. ^o^

  17. wow, i just happened to watch this on 9/11

  18. Hej hej monika

  19. 0:28 "on my new original show"

    Thatistheplan flashbacks activate

  20. Pewdiepie: I have enough tentacles in my life
    Everyone who watched this vid to the point of 6:36: fallout shelter hold up meme

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