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My Hero Academia Season 04 Episode 11 Reaction Mashup x14 僕のヒーローアカデミア

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  1. The flashbacks for mirio just make the scene so much mote emotional. Showing his dreams and his ambition right before he loses theme. A sweet little boy who admires the people who saved him. Then after losing the quirk and fighting on his own it continues to show how he hasnt given up and that the little boy who said "ill do my best" is still keeping that promise

  2. We just met that character like 12 episodes ago, how can I feel sad for him?

  3. …..Did some of them disrespect our girl Big sis at the beginning

  4. 23:14

  5. The first guy on the top and left side of the screen is hella annoying, y'all should stop placing him on this mashup.

    Go Beyond LEMILLION

  6. 23:03 One of the best cliffhangers ive seeing

  7. アニメで泣いたのはコレとアルミン焼けるシーンくらいw

  8. This Mirio is fucking good character.

  9. this is what exactly obito's good future

  10. I want to be. A hero too

  11. I think my favorite part of Mirio's entrance, besides the speech itself, is that Nemoto shoots at him the first time, he doesn't permeate through the bullet, he straight up dodges it, to show he's better than them, and he WILL win. Close second is the fake out punch Mirio used when Chisaki tried to "break" Eri to stop Mirio. A single misstep and Chisaki would've touched Mirio, killing him and ending the fight, but Mirio does it without hesitation. I also loved the top row, far right girls reaction to Mirio's moves in this. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's her favorite

  12. the best anime in my life

  13. めちゃくちゃ泣きました。

  14. 18:40 10/10 looks like Lucas from SSBU, made me cry even harder when I realized that. 😭

  15. 18:39 😢😢😢😢😢

  16. えりちゃんにあの銃弾ぶち込めばその計画自体できなくなるくね?w

  17. The reason why mirio can fight quirkless is because nighteye trained him. nighteye is considered quirkless due to his quirk limitation

  18. 4:52 im confused, how did they get out from that question?

  19. 元々泣けるシーンだけど、左上の女性にもらい泣きした。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。

  20. reaction to episode 12! 🙌

  21. I'm so mad they didn't keep phantom menace

  22. Chisaki:Takes away Mirio's quirk
    Mirio: I will Save her!
    Chisaki:WhY dO I HeAr BosS MuSic???

  23. Overhaul: Your quirk is gone! You can no longer be a hero!

    Mirio: Who decided that?

    In the words of the Strongest Hero:
    You just don't get what being a hero is about. There are all kinds of powerful bad guys in the world. Heroes are the ones who oppose them, even if they are alone.

  24. girl in the top left really cryin…i feel that

  25. 23:13 "Who's here… DEQUUUUUUU"

  26. it a good episode but why do people cry so easy watching anime nowadays

  27. 3 on 1
    And Overhaul still cheated
    Mirio is the best hero

  28. 23:13–23:18 …fear not…It will be okay!…Because HE IS HERE!!! 😍😭

  29. Izuku NEEDS to see this Mirio fight. He's fighting the villain boss QUIRKLESS while the boss can kill people with a SINGLE TOUCH. This proves Mirio is the bestest boi of all best bois.

  30. 아니 우리나라는 왜 리액션이 없는거야???

  31. Deku be like ….. Chisaki on your left !!!

  32. "llegare a Ser un Héroe Que Salve Alas Personas" El final muy bueno☼

  33. Porque siempre se está riendo ese nigga de la esquina en los momentos mas tristes?

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