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MotoGP Historic Battles — Rossi vs Stoner Laguna Seca 08'

It was the moment that many will say shaped their future relationship. Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner embarked on one of the most entertaining and exciting battles in MotoGP history in Laguna Seca in 2008, much to the delight of the US crowds and fans around the world. Relive it here!

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  1. The background beats makes it ever more fascinating.

  2. https://youtu.be/hvHiLwE5YEo do like and share

  3. yang nonton 2020 angat kakinya

  4. I wish f1 had this level of action

  5. That blue one is absolutely phenomenal

  6. 46 👍👍👍

  7. mark maquez slays it

  8. Always the best …still watching at 2020

  9. VR46🔥

  10. 2020

  11. चेतन लाल9928409458 उदयपुर

  12. nice! awesome 🙂

  13. good 46

  14. Duel terseru sepanjang sejarah

  15. Peoples on that day doesn't realize how difficult the desmo when they do swap bike an they do race again what's happened you guys knew even the race not started yet . . Yamaha is ease to ride otherwise Ducati . . . Come on guys you can make the comparison between pure skill or luck. .😂

  16. Nice battle

  17. If was mm Vs stoner the video would have been shorter whit a stoner pushed out from mm


  18. Haha yamaha fans

  19. Saat Valentino Rossi di bangga² kan dan membawa nama Yamaha

  20. Best fight in moto gp

  21. Valentino rossie😎🥰😍✌️

  22. I love Rossi

  23. Ride 3 Anyone ??

  24. 46 lover's

  25. Bicuos

  26. This video is the most interesting than moto GP 2019 ….there are not the best overtake 👍

  27. Yamaha is best

  28. 46 the one's

  29. I am your sub please !!!
    please subscribe to my channel

  30. Dari dulu rossi slalu jadi pecundang…

  31. Rossi is the best racer🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍

  32. Stoner fans like here

  33. *Nowadays
    All riders : Yo Rossi, fight Us with all what you got bro.
    Rossi : Show this Video Should i use my god mode?
    All Riders : 😶 *Leave rossi's Pit in silence

    Just kidding , No Offense.

  34. Setidaknya para fans marquez meliat salah satu video ini dri sekian bnyk video dmna rossi dgn motor yg klah di trek lurus tpi dia bsa memanfaatkan kelebihan dia dri cara pengereman yg agak sdkit lmbat dri rivalnya. klo skran fans 93 tau ya dia pmblap paling hebat. Iya lah hebat dpt motor kencdng

  35. The king of MotoGP vale46

  36. Batle clasic rosy vs stoner

  37. That was one hell of a ride

  38. Just be zoulou..behaviou..black..shitte.

  39. Ambition outweigh your talent, Casey? 😂

  40. I really miss Vale on his top form , it’s a shame we have to get old ….46 forever
    You just don’t see duals like this anymore , Vale produced all of them

  41. Uniknya numpak motor gitu,bagian speedometer,tiap dikopling kan ngerem,moncongnya ndungkluk/ menunduk. Saat dipresenling,mendongak. Dadi gerak cepat,nunduk dongak,isyarat iya/ menganggukkan kepala.

  42. Nice

    VR 46 SERBIA

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