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Midoriya vs Overhaul | Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13 REACTION MASHUP

Hibou, Junel, Myrmonden, DrePlays, TheBoyWonder, CloudyCrow, MemoryNK, and MadLadOfCulture reacts on Midoriya vs Overhaul Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13.

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  1. UNDERRATED Reaction Mashup with UNCENSORED ANIME/100% VOLUME.

  2. the real Deku,the Power OPM

  3. I cant even hear what izuku midoriya saying😂😂😂

  4. Deku is a god

  5. 6:33 "God made a monster… And holy FUCK! Did he mess up this time."

  6. Deku and Eri> literally any other duo

  7. He's a freaking first year at high school and he's this strong??!?!??!?! Imagine the third years: "The hell is going on, I trained so hard but he's already beat me. A piece of broccoli that always broke his fucking bones can do this?"

  8. Ow my ears hurt. You scream loud guys.

  9. you cant hear shit lol

  10. Guys in the bottom rights face is like :O or like '0'

  11. all the reactions : screaming into their mic having a seizure

    guy on the middle left : ……..

  12. Why they just not shut up ?

  13. I just realized that Eri could be one, if not, the most powerful heroes if she got her quirk under control. She’d be the best healer as well as the best villain stopper. If she mastered it, all she’d have to do is touch the villain and get rid of their quirk if she really wanted to. Literally one tap and it’s over. That’d be OP!

  14. Feo sorry los odio

  15. When I hear everyone’s reaction it gets me more hyped up 😂

  16. That ain't super sayen that's ultra instinct

  17. It sounds like a zoom class tbh😭😂

  18. When you can't watch bnha so you have to watch reactions

  19. 6:15 thats just look at saitama serious punch 😅

  20. The whites in this video: kalm
    The blacks in this video: panik!

  21. perdón no era compro era copeo lo siento 😞

  22. siii ya está chido pero…con eso se emocionan se ve como le compro un ataque a saitama aún que yo no sé pero aún así exagerados prefiero Naruto yo vine a ver una pelea pero solo fue un juego que desepvon me dió midorilla pensé que era más fuerte pero bueno respeto la opinión de cada quien😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  23. Me:*Clicks the reactions mashup KNOWING there’s gonna be a bunch of reactions at once*


  24. That's probably 30%

  25. Bottom left and right -.- is that same person?

  26. That awkward moment when you can copy the smash at 6:17 XD

  27. ほんと作画が神

  28. Damn he knoked him out of life

  29. しょっぱなからカオスで草

  30. The reactors are even louder than the damn episode

  31. sounds like a bunch of men meeting a girl on fortnite

  32. 6:16 everybody

  33. That’s his 100 percent with the strength he had, imagined full strength with all his powers

  34. It is so infuriating, no one seems to understand the importance of Sir Nighteye's gentle smile at the end!!!

  35. Same here🤗☺

  36. Sadly no ones seems to see the little smile Nighteye has at the end.

  37. Consecutive normal punches

  38. デクの能力未来を変えられる系があるんじゃない?黒鞭と同じ感じであとから出てくる系

  39. 鳥肌

  40. 楽しそうで何よりですw

  41. I will never forget that the animation of chisaki eye had more money than nanatzu no taizai season

  42. 6:17

  43. They fly now?
    They fly now!

  44. Deku mvp

  45. The animation of the eyeball and the crazy expression of deku…duuudeeeeee

  46. Well, chisaki should be dead when izuku punch him right in his face.

  47. not deku ,he is doku (goku)

  48. go yumi!!

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