Man Utd Want Bellingham AND Harry Kane! Man Utd Transfer News

Jude Bellingham is set to sign for Man Utd and Harry Kane could be the next transfer target according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on the United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. Bellingham Follows Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man United on Instagram🤔

  2. We've been bodied by Werner. Look at his interview on us 🤣

  3. Leicester have a superior goal difference which might come in handy

  4. I like Harry Kane, I just think we can get someone more reliable and a better "team player". I certainly wouldn't complain if we got him that's for sure.

  5. Any news on angel gomes signing a new contract, now that chong has signed one?

  6. We did it with arjen robben also

  7. If it gets cancelled they'd win the league by default (Liverpool)

  8. Toni Kroos would be okay but only for a fair price because he is quality but the age and pace is downer , so 30-40 mil for me would be okay

  9. Kane would be a mistake signing, we need to keep up the signings of younger players. There must be a better option..

  10. Aaron Ramsey signed in 2008. At the time we had Scholes, Carrick, Hargreaves, Park, Giggs, Fletcher, Anderson in midfield. He said he wanted to play regularly that's why he signed for Arsenal.

    It also shows Arsenal was a joke of a club even 10 years ago, lol

  11. That bracelet must be a real pain in the ar*e when you're trying to whack out some knuckle children!! 😉😆🍆

  12. Harry Kane is too injury prone and would cost a fortune considering we have Levy to deal with.

  13. Bruno is that groove !!!

  14. You missed the news on Timo Werner,Mark😔

  15. Ingalo is better than Kane

  16. Kane is a world class striker but i dont think he makes a team better …Spurs got to the champions league final because he was injured …with Pogba issue i feel our fans have dropped their standard because now that wev got Bruno they think we have everything we dont need Pogba..whereas with Bruno and Pogba we are a force to be reckon .and i would love to hear one person telling me what it is that Pogba did that get everybody so worked up bout him.

  17. Imagine Bruno and kane playing together.

  18. Chong Greenwood Williams Bellingham(if we get) Gomes Garner Tuanzebe Henderson…. good future.

  19. Alex telles lb position from Porto, what you guys think?

  20. It feels weird when i imagine Kane in man utd jersey

  21. what possition dows bellingham play

  22. Am I the only person who thinks Sancho won't come Utd even if we do get 4th? (More than happy to be wrong but I think we need to get out of this mentality that just cos we can afford a player does not mean they are actually willing to come)

  23. Once Paul plays with this new Man United team he's gonna wanna stay I think.

  24. I would rather have him, instead of lingard and perrira, he would be a good rotation and I would also like to see gomez around those area.

  25. Enough with the ole ins ,just try and be happy.

  26. Please cancel the season and save this world from disaster (LiVARpool winning PL).

  27. The bellingham move is making me believe in the process and the club is really serious , our signings have been good who have the right mentality , I’m actually excited for the future.

  28. Sancho wwont leave dortmund yet

  29. Kane gets injured every season. Don't think it's a good idea to sign him.

  30. All I want this summer is for pogba to leave and we bring in grealish, sancho, Jude Bellingham, and a good striker.

  31. I'd be very happy to have Jude Bellingham at Utd. But what does an extremely young, English, energetic player that plays consistently every week at such a young age remind you of? Wayne Rooney. He got burnt out by the time he was 28 and was obsolete in the premier league. I don't trust our medical staff or any of our staff in general to manage Bellingham properly in order to make sure he doesn't get burnt out so early in his career.

  32. To be honest, Bellingham looks ready to go straight into the United-squad allready. Don't mind if he goes on a one-year-loan, but I think he could get alot of gametime at United allready next season.

  33. Good move for Kane. Money money. No trophies at spurs or man utd anyway.

  34. Are we not in a champions league spot with Banchester City out??

  35. Fu*k his dumb brother look where his thoughts and opinions have brought him… no where….

  36. Hi I’m not to keen on Harry Kane Werner is my hope

  37. So we have around 200 mil to spend including sales, but we are gonna sign Kane for over 100 and Sancho for 100?

  38. I cant be the only one who is tired with the whole Pogba's circus, can i?

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