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Make Window 10 Bootable DVD Easily (How To)

How to Make Windows 10 Bootable DVD from ISO Image file

This method involves no third party tools to make Windows 10 Bootable DVD. But, to perform this task, you need to have the following. The prerequisites that help to create Bootable DVD of Windows 10 are
Windows 10 ISO Image of about 3.2GB, Media creation Tool that is required to download the ISO image from Microsoft, Empty DVD and a DVD writer. If you don’t have writer, you can even use USB flash drive to create bootable Windows 10 media.

Download Windows 10:

First things first, to get Windows10 ISO Image, open Google and search for “Windows 10 Download”. Come all the way down and find the appropriate version to get the media creation tool software. It’s about 18MB file. Download it.

To get the ISO Image of Windows10, just open this tool and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Here is the final part. We’re using Windows explorer default media burning feature to create Windows 10 Bootable DVD. To do this, move to the location where you have ISO image saved then right click on the file. You need to have “Mount” and “Burn disc image” options. If you are not seeing those, follow these steps.

Right click on the ISO file then select “Open with” then “Choose default program..”. From the list, select, “Keep using Windows Explorer”. After selecting it, you need to get the window exactly as shown in this video showing all the Windows 10 files. If you are performing an “Upgrade” where no files, settings will be deleted, you can click on “Set up” and then follow the onscreen instructions. If you are willing to perform fresh or custom install, you need to boot the DVD or USB flash drive.

After selecting the default program, you will get an extra “Removable Storage” device with all the files as shown.

Now open the location of Windows 10 ISO Image file, right click on it then select “Burn disc image”. You will get Windows Disc Image Burner with simple interface. Select the drive, if you have more than one, check the ISO file name, check “Verify disc after burning” then finally click on “Burn”. Wait for few minutes until the drive ejects the disc.

Now you have successfully created Windows 10 Bootable DVD from ISO file. Select first booting device to DVD drive at BIOS settings to perform the fresh Windows 10 install.

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Make Window 10 Bootable DVD Easily (How To)


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