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Make a Windows XP Bootable Flash Drive

Ever want to take Windows XP (or any version of Windows, really) with you wherever you go? Maybe you’d rather use XP than the OS installed on a public computer. Maybe you just want to prank your friends and watch as their computer boots into a 16 year old OS.

Whatever the case, today I’m going to show you how to create a bootable flash drive that will launch Windows XP in a virtual machine on (almost) any computer you plug it into.

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sudo apt-get install virtualbox
vboxmanage startvm “Windows XP” –type GUI
cd “C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox”
vboxmanage clonehd [source file path] [destination path] –format RAW



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  1. How can I boot XP’s of a hard drive

  2. A vm in a vm is sooooooooooo slow

  3. The background is the same of mines
    We probably have the operating system or something to the same version.

  4. I got a 128 gb USB for this cuz 64 was too small and you say EIGHT

  5. Does your old windows is still there meanwhile the usb is connected?

  6. i had an error that said vboxmanage is not a command

  7. runs an XP VM inside a linux VM

  8. Windows XP was my first computer now im going to try to install it again.

  9. I can't convert my .vdi to .img for some reason. Why.

  10. Thanks can install it as prime in cd with this Method ?

  11. i used lubuntu, as it starts up quicker and you can make the desktop look completely black without a menu bar.

  12. I think a better way would be to use PuppyLinux because I had the best luck with that one. PuppyLinux + VirtualBox + Windows XP. I just never tried VirtualBox on the Puppy. I hope it works out well.

  13. It could be nice if you had some instructions on which settings the VM has. F.ex. have much CPU, RAM etc. you gave it. 🙂 Otherwise, seems like a cool project and I will surely try it out!

  14. so on [source file path] i put "C:UsersRyanVirtualBox VMsubuntu.vdi" then in [destination path] i put "C:UsersRyanDesktopAAAA" would that work as an example

  15. i cant get the user interface to show up. ive tried setting a key to insert guest additions cd but it didnt work

  16. Can someone help I can’t figure out the admin command prompt part

  17. Can you do this again but be helpful

  18. I did this to play PinBall

  19. Guru: starts VirtualBox machine
    VirtualBox: Guru Mediation required
    Guru: since im a guru i can fix this
    VirtualBox: no, still guru mediation
    Guru: I'm a guru!?
    VirtualBox: you are not a guru
    Guru: argh i need VMware because no guru mediation errors in it
    VMware: yes, a new user

  20. What do I do on Mac?????

  21. I'm dual booting Windows 7 and XP pro on my Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7052. It's running off a 480gb patriot burst ssd i got on sale at newegg. I'm upgrading my Phenom II N640 to a quad core N970. Hopefully itll work. it should.

  22. This is a really nice tutorial, but not really what I was looking for, since I was trying to revive a junkyard pc without a hard drive

  23. So if I take the flash drive out it will go back to normal?

  24. A couple tests later, I gotta say that, it didn't work for me. Now if anyone knows how to solve this, I'm gonna be so appreciated. The thing is, I did all that virtual machine things, and burned it into my usb stick using win32 disk imager. The computer just simply won't detect my disk, there's only one option to boot from which is the default windows one. I grabbed another usb stick I previously made for win10 installation, and the computer detects it no problem. I did all the steps right, tried several times. The size of my image is exactly what I set it to be. I did the cmd thing to get the img file from the vdi file.

  25. Thanks I just created mine! But don't show some of the works in the tutorial makes this process painful to work through, gotta search for tons of stuff online, troubleshoot, and the part where I spent most of my time in: explore by myself. Eventually I got there, but took a lot of effort.

  26. XP never will die !!
    (Still usig it :D)

  27. my usb flash drive has 16 gigs and its for school so does that work?

  28. Microsoft patched XP past death/discontinuation?
    Everyone liked that

  29. This looks very complicated. Is there anyone who sells a zip drive with XP already on it?

  30. For those who use Lubuntu 18.04, here is how you launch VirtualBox at start up:

    1 – Create a file containing this code

    vboxmanage startvm “Windows XP” –type GUI

    2 – Save the file as WinXP.sh

    3 – Open lxterminal and execute the codes below
    sudo chown root:root /path/to/WinXP.sh

    sudo chmod 4775 /path/to/WinXP.sh

    4 – Go into Preferences -> Default applications for LXSession -> Add new entry
    bash /path/to/WinXP.sh

    All credit goes to Xian @ ubuntuforums.org.
    As a Linux newbie, trying to get this working stole my night. Hope it helps you.

  31. 3:40 You could also install software on Linux graphically, using software manager. 🙂

  32. …will your instruction create a "persistent" partition for XP?

  33. i lost😭😭😭

  34. If I make a windows xp boot able disk can I go back to my normal os?

  35. I Tried But It Didn't Work

  36. I'm under a lot of stress but I am going to attempt this

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