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Make A Facebook Messenger Bot Free (ManyChat Tutorial)

In This Video Tutorial I Show You How to Make a Free Facebook Messenger Bot using ManyChat.

Messenger ChatBots can be used for many purposes…
– Social Media Marketing Clients
– Personal Brand Growth
– Replacement for Email Marketing
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  1. this is so frustrating, i'm lost where do i start?

  2. I am so confused by this post. I just want to know how to set up a messenger alert for when I am going to go LIVE.

  3. Talking tooooo much!

  4. Do these only go out to your subscribers? How do you launch them? I need more subscribers just getting started here. Any suggestions?

  5. I want to make an AI friendly chatbot that is nice

  6. After 10 minutes of him talking and not explaining on how to set it up like what the fuc

  7. No thanks I’m verified on Facebook this website wants to manage my fb pages I got 4 verified fb pages my label record my own artist one and 2 of my workers , fb representatives told me to never ever ever let anyone ( website ) to manage or have access to my business account 🚨

  8. 8:50

  9. Bro, I watched the whole video and I have a very important question. How can I stop the GET STARTED button to show? Since I installed ManyChat, that button keeps showing up. And it was right after I installed it. I want to remove it. Do you have the solution for this? Thanks in advanced and great tutorial.

  10. To the point , clear instructions… That is the key. There is totally to much filler talk.

  11. 8:50

  12. Show steps dude. I dont get anything

  13. Can I have unlimited subscribers with the free version of Manychat?

  14. Tutorial is step by step actions, this was 20 min waste of time listening to u blabbing this is here that is there. WTF There is NO Tutorial here on how to "Make A Facebook Messenger Bot Free"

  15. You can’t cater your customers 24×7 but BotPenguin can!
    BotPenguin is an AI-powered chatbot platform that enables you to quickly and easily build incredible chatbots to communicate and engage your customers on the website, Facebook messenger and other platforms. For more details visit @t.

  16. I would love to have one to waste the time of people trying to scam me both on phone and social media ….just keeps using their words to create more and more questions

  17. Olá eu criei uma versão em Português… Abraços.

  18. does anyone know of a bot i can get to automate my business advertisements in facebook groups?

  19. Are you are saying you can message everyone that follows you in one hit?

  20. Dude…. what? I am hella confused.

  21. good information

  22. good information

  23. Selling

  24. Great info. Thanks

  25. Billy ! this is great…awesome video and taught me so much on chatbots and using Manychat…just one thing i do agree with Joe (previous comment) dude you are really quick and flicking all over the need to calm down ..excitement and enthusiam is great, but need to SLOW down for us SLOW learners !! haha.

  26. thanx alot for this tutorial. Since this video is more than a year old now I wonder if the way you get people to opt-in is still relevant. Because I know that Facebook has changed its rules and penalizes peoples ads who say things like "like this post" or "comment below". So are you still saying "comment (insert message) below to get coupon" or have you had to change strategy?

  27. Why can't any of these videos just get to the point instead of a half hour of telling us what it is. I just want to see how it works.

  28. Great Vid, thanks Billington!

  29. thanks now i can fake a conversation with my “girlfriend”

  30. Hey Bro, First I really do appreciate the info but from one person to another who speaks fast, just slow down and breathe. I felt this was somewhat helpful but at the same time you were losing me in some parts.

  31. hi billy. this manychat is free version or pro version

  32. Thanks for the video! I can't find any in-depth tutorial related to Tags on Manychat. I want to offer my clients a free trial for a service. And I want to create a tag for each person who gets his free trial to exclude him from eligibility list.. Or at least the bot remembers that this user already got his free trial and should not get another one.. Is that doable?

  33. Dude — You have so much great information and knowledge. BUT you are all over the place. I believe most of us are simply looking 'how to use Manychat' . . . . Please please focus on the steps; then get into the details of how to enhance. Thank you for the insight, tips and sharing your knowledge. Joe

  34. too much talk

  35. Wow! What are you trying to teach us. It is all over the place. I still didn't get that. Sorry

  36. Thanks, enjoyed your informative video. Chat feeds seem to be the best engagement software in this year. They copy what we are all doing with our smartphones today. As a marketing tool , you can now easily produce funnels specifically for any niche. When you need a chat builder, integration and a little bit of coding skill IMO. Can you recommend any training?

  37. I enjoyed your informative video. Bots seem to be the best engagement software in this year. They copy what we are all doing with our smartphones today. As a engagement system, you can now easily produce funnels specifically for any niche. But you need a chat builder, integration and a little bit of coding skill IMO. Can you recommend any offers?

  38. Very helpful, Thanks!

  39. Thanks for the information! Going to start executing some of this for my own manychat bot for my music label. It'd be tight to get a sub if you have a second. Building my YouTube channel as well 🙂

  40. spoke too fast, making it confusing

  41. I make bots for games. I need new games to make bots. Any suggestion? I sell those bots.
    My LINE ID: abcxyze0

  42. Bro no offense but video is way too long, looks like you don't care about a time of your viewers.

  43. Is it at Where do I go to start the bot?

  44. Is this an app? A website? Where do I go to get the bot?

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