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  1. 볼수록 아까운 멤버들~ 노래도 들을수록 중독성~

  2. Next Gfriend 😊

  3. I seen a video about one of the members saying they were extremely miserable and overworked. I feel horrible for them

  4. 보베 들어줄만한데요ㅎㅎ

  5. i miss y’all 🙁

  6. do you guys even realize why they stopped if yyou knew you wouldnt wish then to come back because they were misserable every second of every day

  7. still one of my favorite music videos of all time

  8. I only who REALLY miss these girls so much? :")

  9. c0meback please

  10. I miss them. They had such an interesting style that we don't see anymore in Kpop… Wish they would comeback.

  11. Isso se chama HINO! 😍❤

  12. I miss Bonus Baby

  13. i decided to stan

  14. Please give us a Bonus Baby comeback, don't let them die like MyB

  15. Use Jpop style to fight Kpop industry! DONT GIVE UP WE MISS YOU BONUSBABY!!

  16. 2019 needs Bonusbaby's comeback!!

  17. Lindass

  18. Amo q amo

  19. Essa musica é maravilhosaaa

  20. Comeback por favor eu imploro

  21. Bbss

  22. Lindaass

  23. Perfeitass

  24. to apaixonada aa

  25. que lindass

  26. Talento demais pqp

  27. Amo essa musica aaa

  28. Se o bonusbaby tiver comeback eu-

  29. 0 defeitos

  30. Muito maravilhosas pqp

  31. Cade os defeitos BONUSBABY?? Não sei porra

  32. 보베도 결국 활동중단할거면 걍 걸그룹만들지말지……마이비 보고싶다

  33. Lindasss

  34. Here coz i miss the mixnine girls.

  35. Amo essa música ❤😘😙😻

  36. Japan style

  37. 키즈돌이 부르면 모를까 다 큰 성인들 데려놓고 턱받이나 입히고 애처럼 쩍벌하고 모래놀이하는 연출은 뭔데;; 하 소속사가 미쳤구나 이래서 탈마루해야함

  38. Comeback please

  39. Me: 🙁

    This song: exists

    Me: 🙂

  40. Love Hayoon! Hope she has a bright future ahead of her and her group. Also am I the only one who thinks that Hayoon look alot like Jiwoon from K.A.R.D?

  41. Where are theyyy

  42. I miss you guys….

  43. These kids should get more recognize .

  44. Amei 😍😍😘😍♥

  45. did they disband¿?

  46. They are disbanding ;;

  47. 2019. I miss them…

  48. 문희님 sm상인데ㅠㅠ 여기서 뭐해요ㅠㅠ

  49. We want there comeback please
    Change that concept please

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