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Lesson 10: The bool (Boolean) type. Beginning Programming with Visual Studio C++ 2010

Source code:
Tutorial list: http:
This will introduce one of the easiest and important variable types

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  1. very useful, thank you!

  2. If you are going to commentate a video or real time commentating, you need to have a half decent mic, yours is far too loud and you have no pop filter, i mean put some effort in, get a $20 mic off amazon or something…

  3. if its false ? don't you used goto statement? just asking 🙁

  4. Internet Explorer…..Internet Explorer….Internet Explorer……

  5. Can I warp to that lesson? Lesson 45? I'm not sure whether or not you made that clear. I really want to know how to store string types. Should I warp to lesson 45?

  6. lol, i guessed it was string to have a variable have multiple letters, but it didn't go blue so I decided it was a different keyword. :p

  7. Why use the Char string type if you can just enter it as cout<< "manywordshere"?

  8. pretty crappy info. you don't even mention what its used for.

  9. Thank you !

  10. @hokingg thankyou

  11. great

  12. @AndrewH1998 I think he was counting float and double together.

  13. dum ti dum, watching tutorials at night time^^

  14. what about double

  15. Great

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