HP Laptop Boot Menu And BIOS Option HP Notebook

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  1. Thank you man🤗🖤

  2. tq broo

  3. Mines now need recovery help

  4. will this format only my c drive??

  5. thank you very much i really appreciate your help!!

  6. screen flickering as fook and music is annoying

  7. My guy, nice for that..

  8. Bang kalo udah selesai instal pake fd, settingan biosnya dibalikin lagi ke semula, atau dibiarin aja?

  9. Untuk semua tipe LENOVO

  10. Thx bro

  11. thanks soooo much man, you helped me a lot

  12. Thx you sir

  13. notre sauveur 😌😌😌

  14. U are the real hero all youtuber cant that sht but u help me so much

  15. Please give me Windows 10 download link!!

  16. I liked and subscribed thanks a lot

  17. Thank you

  18. lonovo z570 f2 after what fill password ? plz

  19. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Missing operating system

  21. Thank you for your help,but I ended up doing something wrong to my computer… After deleting all partition,I couldn't create new partitions becase of the type (something about gpr ) and i couldn't go on and save the windows on the main disk because it said it was nttps or somthing like that. Now my laptop keeps showing the "No bootable device -insert boot disk and press any key" error. Can you help me ,pleeease

  22. Thanks Bro

  23. Ideapad 300

  24. Thnx

  25. thanks.. it was very helpful

  26. om randi prosedur F2 dah berhasil, begitu masuk ke menu install win7. direktori hardisk partisi yg di buat dikenali tp ga bisa di install. dan mouse ga bekerja

  27. Thanks sar ji

  28. It fail

  29. Thanks a lot bro

  30. Bios Menu
    Fn + F2 …
    Thank u .. u r amazing and smart
    U deserve a like

  31. thank you bro,i has worked

  32. f2 le giryodum buraya ama USB diableyi enable yaptm f2 spamlaynca boot menusu aclmyo artk nasl eskisi gibi yapa bilirim ? Win 10 bu arada

  33. Thank you so much brother

  34. buen video mas calidad al video gracias saludos

  35. First of all pick a correct Title name for the youtube video. Here you are not even showing about how to install windows 7 in this laptop, and you are just saying it. I am almost trying to install win 7 since a year and it shows error that "can't find supported drivers" while installing and u fking show directly you can install windows 7. First try then upload the video or just change the name

  36. Why legecy first? Why not ufei

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