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JOKER // kina – can we kiss forever?

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♫ kina, adriana proenza – can we kiss forever? (slowed down) ♫

📺JOKER – 2019 📺



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MV mới của Jack bị chê vì chèn quảng cáo quá nhiều và lộ liễu

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  1. 5 MILLION VIEWS 😱 Thank you all so much <3 (FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM BTW)

  2. im actually crying over this ;(

  3. Why they're making like this? Just hurting people 😢

  4. This is a sad story I'm going to cry 😭😭😭😭

  5. What movie

  6. Yo por dentro me siento rota y por afuera fingo una sonrisaa😭😭😭😭

  7. Villains are better than heroes

  8. Sorry But I can't hold my tears anymore… JOKER , You're me :)))

  9. Wow this song fits right in with the trailer

  10. This just hits different.🎯

  11. Its The Reality tho their showing jokers bad side instead of understanding what he had experienced.

  12. Well I only like my own comment

  13. Why do they hurt joker feelings he love to smile and why do they hit him so hard

  14. O comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando kkk 😂

  15. Living masterpiece

  16. We are born angels, it's the society who turn us to be demonic 🖕😭

  17. This makes me wanna kill batman

  18. Love

  19. This video makes me crying

  20. 😔😥

  21. Eu adoro os filme do Coringa é demais😁😁😁

  22. I am Sad boy

  23. This movie breaks my heart

  24. Put on A happy face….. 🙂🙂

  25. This is so sad flex on those stupid haters

  26. "He just wanted to make people happy"
    "But he can't make himself happy"

  27. on which site can I watch the joker full movie please

  28. I love this song

  29. I wish he was my father for some weird reason.. :/

  30. Sometimes I want to let Villains do whatever they want to this Unfair world

  31. How people are bad! 😣

  32. অসমাপ্তির চুম্বন

  33. বাংলায় ভিডিও দেখতে আমার চ্যানেলে যেতে পারো

  34. I Love JOKER

  35. joker have a fever is like a laughing with no movies he will laugh laugh after and after now.He is now monster i like pl❤❤💓💓💔

  36. People are cruel.

  37. Same my life like this😭

  38. Why?am i crying? 😥😥😥😥 i felt hurt and sadness this time? 😥😥😥😥

  39. Ohh this movie was soo good!it's a masterpiece I was feel so sad about joker 🙁 and with this music it's epic!

  40. Alguien que hable en español?

  41. 😍😔✈️🌍

  42. What is movie's name ?

  43. this is bad

  44. 22.2.2020 (7:53pm)

  45. 1:14

  46. Maldita depresión como te odio

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