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Jerusalem Heavenly Mother 【 World Mission Society Church of God 】

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All things in this world were created by God’s will.
God created all living things to receive life
through mothers. This is God’s great will
to make known the existence of Heavenly Mother,
who gives eternal life to humankind.

[Heavenly Mother whom the Bible testifies about]
Man was created in the image of God the Father who has a male image, and woman was created in the image of God the Mother who has a female image.

Just as people have called the male image of God ‘Father’ for thousands of years, we must realize God the Mother whom the Bible testifies about and receive Her. This is the wisdom that leads us to heaven.

[Galatians 4:26–31]
But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our Mother . . .
we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

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  1. In order to give the everlasting water of life to us, God came down to this earth in this last age as the Holy Spirit and the Bride. So who want to receive eternal life and salvation, we must go to the Bride, New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother.

  2. God Bless all that helped make these teachings known by translation. Beautiful

    Most beautiful love story ever told and ever will be known for eternity. God and His Wife.

    A woman. One chosen by God, the only one of Her Mother, (Song of Songs) to bring about the Salvation (Jesus Christ) to the world and for the world.

    God the Father, and His Wife, whom is the New Jerusalem.

  3. Obrigada mãe

  4. Amen thank you Heavenly 💝⚘💝⚘💝⚘👍💝 mother

  5. This is a fale church people open your eyes you are being deceived

  6. 💝♥️♥️♥️Thank you mother ♥️♥️💝

  7. Thank you Heavenly Mother Jerusalem for Giving me a greatest amazing future 🙏💓 Love You Father and Mother 💖💞 Truly you are mighty God 💗🙏

  8. 하늘아버지 하늘어머니 감사합니다

  9. So amazing truly we have heanly Mother for sure

  10. 😀

  11. Love you mother.

  12. 하늘아버지 하늘어머니 감사합니다

  13. Amen!

  14. 二千年前の初臨の時は、まだ花嫁が登場する時期ではなかったです。 聖書は再臨の時に花嫁が登場することをはっきりと予言しています。 それでこの婚宴の祝いに招待された者が福があると言いました。
    「 小羊の婚宴に招かれている者たちは幸いだ」黙19:9

  15. Thank you so much heavenly father and mother

  16. Love u mother…

  17. I Love you so much Mother New Jerusalem ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  18. Physical life is given by physical mothers! Eternal life is given by our eternal Mother, God the Mother! This is God's will!

  19. Bless all brothers and sister love you all thanks to father and mother god elome

  20. I am.

  21. ALL glory, power, honor, and praise belongs to GOD THE FATHER AND GOD THE MOTHER alone!! May THEY be forever praised, for infinity and even beyond infinity, in all the universe and Earth!

    No matter what our enemy , satan, does around us let us press forward with full faith 100% in preaching, in studying, in praying, and in keeping all of The Laws Of The New Covenant!!

    GOD Bless You, Heavenly Brothers and Sisters!! I love each and every one of you intensely, and I'm so eager to travel the Galaxies with you in the glorious Kingdom Of Heaven!! We're almost there!! Let's forcefully advance, and go to Heaven!! 😇😇

  22. Amen!

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