Hướng dẫn xử lý tràn RAM, đầy RAM trên máy tính mới nhất

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  1. I would love doing seiyuu stuff but am i good enough for acting and singing or choose one of them?

  2. Its kinda sad that I want to but my perents dont so yep I have to stick being a dermatologist or a vet doctor :/ and btw I also wanted to be a mangaka or make my own anime or become a writer .

  3. Say if a westerner wanted to do Japanese voice acting but also english voice acting for the exact same character from the anime they are working on could they?

  4. Why does the teacher when voice acting sounds like a boy-

  5. I want to learn Japanese loli voice acting for my English class

  6. Hi, check this video too about voice acting class in Indonesia. Thanks 😉

  7. After taking acting classes for 10+ years at Dallas Young Actors Studio, I would love to learn Japanese acting as well. Singing is definitely something I need to work on.

    Edit: P.S. For anyone who wants to take Voice Acting seriously, I highly recommend buying the “Voice-over Voice Actor” book by Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. I’m reading it for a second time, it’s incredible and it helped me push my career further.

  8. I'll learn japanese and come to this school;^;

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9gja7SBc_4

  10. And they say dub is better ? U can kiss my ass man

  11. thank you so much for sharing!

  12. i think it was osomatsu san where they joked about that all you need to do is be a little good at acting and decently handsome and you will eventually become a voice actor. i think that seems pretty accurate since the only reason why someone would want to SEE a voice actor in a concert is if they really like how the voice actor not only sounds but LOOKS

  13. あーあ~ 僕は声優もありまーすっ~

  14. I hope some of you become seiyuu for jojo's anime series :v b

  15. I would not be a good voice actor. My voice is hoarse and the only songs I can sing decently are Gorillaz songs.

  16. 声優になりたい

  17. Wow they know their job even taking with emotions

  18. I love this video because those students are no doubt, have a bright future as voice actors. If you ask me, I'm very interested to become a voice actor myself. Not only that, I'm planning to become an actor, an screenwriter, & an entrepreneur in the show business.

  19. For example of the singing and the live concert is the 3 nen E gumi utatan from the anime Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

  20. This is why when I graduate college, I seriously want to become a voice actress

  21. Rats! My tongue and throat screwed! These seiyuu are the professionals! Dream this one day common on all places, after we settle the nations' crisis and the general well being and human rights of all place.

  22. cool

  23. Only thing is, how much is it to actually attend their per year ((I looked one up and it was SOOOO much money smh))

  24. Nice to see Hiro Yuuki teaching in seiyuu classes. The man is a seiyuu veteran!

  25. Is it just me or is the thought of voice acting a villain really appealing?

  26. Da Pinas needs voice acting schools like these.

  27. She naild it o.O

  28. wow

  29. wow

  30. If i want to grow up begin a voice actor is there any classes should I sign in for to help me achieve that ?..and I'm I forced to enter the singing class?

  31. What a awesome video!!!!! 😃

  32. haha the 3rd trainee immediately gave me energy the moment he showed up

  33. Man, Hiro Yuki looks and sounds very androgynous. I know him as Dende from DBZ and Kawarino from Yes! PreCure 5.

  34. wow, i would like to know the best place (academy) in japan to learn voice acting :3

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