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Installing Windows 10 and flashing the Asus TUF Z370 PLUS Gaming Motherboard

In this video, we go over Installing Windows 10 and flashing the Asus TUF Z370 PLUS Gaming Motherboard. We flash the BIOS and install Windows 10 on the Asus TUZ Z370 Plus motherboard utilizing the Samsung EVO 970 NVMe M.2 SSD. This asus boot from usb will save you lots of headaches.
An easy “how to install windows 10” Guide
Full system specs below.
Check out the complete boss build here:
Asus TUF Z370 Plus Gaming Motherboard:
Arctic Freezer 33 eSports One:
Intel Core i7 8700 Processor:
Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout:
Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 3000Mhz DDR4:
EVGA Geforce GTX1080 Ti FTW3 Video card:
Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2 NVME SSD:
Creative Sound Blaster X H7 Tournament Edition Headphones:
Acer Predator Z321QU Curved Gaming Monitor:
Windows 10 Pro:
Corsair HXI Series 1000Watt PSU:
Inateck 4 Port PCIE to USB 3.0:
Seagate ST6000NM0115 6TB HDD:

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With this, you will learn how to install windows 10 on new pc, because this is a new PC. Asus uefi bios utility is a bit weird, but you can use ez mode bios for configuring on Asus windows 10. Check out the Asus bios setup windows 10 and Installing Windows 10 on and flashing the Asus TUF Z370 PLUS Gaming Motherboard. Here you will learn Installing Windows 10 and flashing the Asus TUF Z370 PLUS Gaming Motherboard, this is a Asus Tough z370 plus gaming motherboard build.

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  1. when i put the usb in with the windows 10 iso it crashes on loading or fades to black

  2. I get stuck at 11:58, it always hangs during loading, i tried installing Win10 via usb and dvd same thing happens, but instead of the window logo I have the TUF GAMING logo, mine is b360m.

  3. I'm trying to install windows 10, I get to the step where I select the drive, I press next, it stays at 0% copying files stage for a while, then says: "
    Windows Could Not Prepare The Computer To Boot Into The Next Phase Of Installation"

    Any ideas?

  4. I cannot leave the Bios

  5. I'm having an issue with the B365M and an i9400 in which I've used the creation tool to install Windows on my lexar 512 GB SSD. As soon as it attempts to boot to Windows, it gets caught in a loop of rebooting after reaching the "Just a moment" screen on Windows. Any advice?

  6. Help i need help im trying to get windows 10 but when i install it it day no drivers found please help

  7. But can it run Crysis?

  8. Where should I put my 8×2 xpg d41 tuf 3200mhz? 1-3 or 2-4? Thanks!!!

  9. ThisBytesForYou::; thats a sweet lil PC Case, i got the Corsaire, 460x but i do not recommend, one of the screws of front panel broke, very unfriendly to getting everything to fit. I do like the Monitor👍🏼.. So no more Corsaire products, my mouse to broke.

  10. My tuf motherboard is not detecting my ssd to install windows on it ..

  11. Help

    I have downloaded the media creation tool and right where you double clicked from the start to read the file, I can’t read anything, i just have the <DIR> files

  12. does anyone know if windows 7 is compatable with this board running an i5 cpu?

  13. One of my kids has one of these boards run fine until one day the onboard sound card just wouldn't work. Now Everytime after a restart it shows that red Cross sign over the speaker in Windows 10 64-bit. For no reason known the sound one day came back run for some days and it's now gone again. Tried new bios new chipset driver and two other sound drivers still no go. Have no idea what's going on.

  14. Not the best quality on the imageing itself, but still the best bios tutorial out there! Thanks, man!

  15. How I do this with internet

  16. It dont let me to log in with the internet

  17. I can't boot up windows, I have the installer on a USB drive and it is connected to my bios but every time I try booting it, it just restarts the bios and sends me back to the beginning again, any tips?

  18. Hey Dude, I have the Asus Maximus XI Hero, I just competed a new build but I am having trouble installing Windows 10 from a USB. Every time it tries to load it gets stuck at the Windows icon with the spinning dots frozen. It's been 2 days and I just don't know what to do. I have seen some people have the same issue but no real solution. If you could help me out that would be great.

  19. Wtf is this baf video

  20. Hello i need ur help can i download windows 10 from my phone there without root i have the same motherboard but no usb with windows 10 and i downloaded the iso file on my phone

  21. Ill be honest if you do a tutorial do it step by step and at thr Beginning

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