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Install Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive with Easy2Boot

Maybe you don’t have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or you don’t want to use one, or you are building a retro gaming PC and the onboard SATA controller is form VIA, and won’t boot from an optical SATA drive. Easy2Boot is free and lets you put your Windows XP ISO images onto a USB flash drive and install it from there. It also has a driver pack for storage controllers and is all-round a great tool.


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  1. THANK you so much! Worked so easy!

  2. Worked perfectly! Thanks man!

  3. Thanks man, I'm trying to recreate my childhood computer and I don't want to mess around with CD-ROMS. This guide is really useful!

  4. I get a blue screen after the choosing the memory check when I press "0 Install XP – Step 1"

  5. Windows xp Setup doesn’t show my hard drive 🙁 only the usb stick

  6. @PhilsComputerLab can i do the same thing for CF card?

  7. Okay so I'm having an issue with step one. It doesn't ask to put in memory it find a my sata and goes through it all but seems to stop at mapping. And comes up with please note: use step 2 but just does nothing…

  8. Is your USB stick 2.0 or 3.0?

  9. When it says Starting Windows after the hardware check of Step1, I get a 0x00…007B Error about some sort of virus issue and hat i should run chkdsk /F, no clue what they want from me. Note that I have to press F7 during the Sata Raid thing check at the beginning, otherwise I get another bluescreen right after the hardware check

  10. it doesn't detect my usb drive, even when I run it as admin 😐

  11. Will this work on Windows XP Beta 2?

  12. @PhilsComputerLab my installation just hangs at the formatting stage and never processes from there

  13. I got up to 3:33, loading the XP ISO into memory but I never got the countdown after, it got stuck on a frozen screen for 5 hours and even after that, nothing.

  14. Well…. I tried This on dads old pc. But… BSOD

  15. thanks

  16. Thanks so much man ! I had a vista computer from 2007 and wanted to reduce the load, one problem though, with XP, I can't connect to my wifi

  17. We’re do u download the iso auto run

  18. this worked for installing fresh windows xp pro on a old dell machine thank you so much

  19. how to get iso file? Can I use any iso file???

  20. It freezes at "Copying Easy2Boot files in _ISO to F: – please wait…"

  21. where to get those iso files?

  22. Do you need to install extra drivers to make internet work?

  23. PhilsComputerLab When I first installed XP using this method, everything worked fine. But after the first time I restarted, the mouse and keyboard wouldn’t respond (nor would any other USB or PS/2 device) they work fine in BIOS and I can press F8 to go to safe mode, but they still just don’t want to work after XP loads and the desktop comes up. The cursor just sits in the center of the screen and won’t respond to mouse movements. The keyboard doesn’t do anything either. I’m running on a custom built desktop PC with a Gigabyte motherboard.

  24. Thanks

  25. For newbies, you need to copy your XP CD to an iso file. Just look up something like CD to iso maker. Plenty of free stuff that will work just be sure you backup your os before you install any software.

  26. Easy2boot has added your video to their download page. Very cool!

  27. Hello there,
    Thank you very much for this tutorial, yet I am unable to install it.
    I am at 4:07 and when I press enter to install, my PC says that program cannot gain access to the disk containing the partition or free space of my choosing, so setup cannot instal windows.

    Any advice what to do please? 🙁

  28. yoo phil can i get the link for the sp3 iso file pls like the one you used on ur video

  29. have you tried compiling your own windows xp image iso with nlite? it allows to include all the updates + drivers inside one image

  30. Step one done successfully, but when computer restarted and i booted again from USB, i got a massage from my laptop says "Windows could not star because a disk hardware cnfg problem. Could not read from selected boot disk…etc" what to do 🤷🏼‍♂️

  31. My screen is light blue with nothing

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