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Cách tự khởi nghiệp kinh doanh BĐS nhà cho thuê với số vốn 10 triệu

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  1. My last page contains bibliography and then it automatically add new page, I cannot delete this blank page, I already try these steps but it doesn't work 😩

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE I watched this and he did not answer my question. This video does NOT tell . you how to delete ALL types of section breaks. I need a video on how to delete NEXT PAGE section break. make a vid on that. this video is not thorough and for that reason, it is not good. Partial info…the search continues

  3. I come from a Google Docs / Google Drive background and learning MS Word has been a pain. This helped a lot. Thank you!


  5. But this sounds like Bob Proctor….

  6. Hello sir. Is there a way to stop number lists from being changed when we past to another document that use the same number list style. This happen when I want to merge docx using "text from file" below object in insert tab.

  7. Sadly, not working like this anymore

  8. Oh my god!! Thank you!!

  9. World need people like u, u made things work.

  10. Thanks!

  11. Thanks

  12. Doesn’t work for Word for Mac on a MacBook Pro.

  13. Thank you!

  14. Does not work for me

  15. Thnx David…..u saved my half day….👍

  16. Thank you so much

  17. Thank you so much!! this help me a lot.

  18. How to delete ?

  19. Thanks, David, great advice and insruction.

  20. thanks david…i got solution

  21. you saved my life on 11.04.2019! thank you, sir!

  22. Lifesaver!


  24. thanks a lot

  25. OMG deep thx, sir!

  26. Thanks I did not know how to delete the break….
    Good Stuff

  27. Thanks David

  28. WOW. I can't believe I've just found a video on YouTube that's brief, helpful and crystal clear. This is EXACTLY what I needed, thank you so much! I know it's an old video but if you are reading this, do know that I highly appreciate your efforts and it helped me a great deal!

  29. Thank you so much! I struggled with this for nearly an hour. I was able to remove the section break with relative ease. Great job, bro.

  30. doesn't work for me. just deletes the thing behind it.

  31. thank you!!!

  32. Thank you so much such a great help 😌😌

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