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In a nutshell: boarding pass

Here is the passenger’s name. This is the only person who may fly with the ticket!
This is the departure hall! Departure airport? Was ist gemeint?
That’s the destination! Off to Mallorca!
This is the day of the flight!
Departure time is 04:25 p.m. (?)! ich denke a.m. (das wäre früh morgens)
The letters indicate the airline…
… and the numbers serve to identify the flight!
Boarding begins around 03:50 p.m. (?)! s.o.!
And this is the gate of departure!
This is the booking class! “X” stands for Economy! By the way, this can differ from airline to airline!
This is the security number! It tells you how many passengers have checked in ahead of you!
This is the seat number! Cool, a window seat!

Hanover Airport wishes you a good flight!


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