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If Anime Studios Were People

In a time of Anime crisis, MADHOUSE calls an emergency Anime Studios meeting in order to think up new, original ideas for anime.

Written by Gigguk
Visuals by OtakuVS

BaronJ – Madhouse
Sydsnap – Kyoto Animation/Type Moon
Valentine Stokes: Sunrise/Gainax
KaggyVA – A1 Pictures/Mappa
KoVox – Shaft/Production I.G
TheGreatKaitsu – Ghibli
CSFiction – Ufotable
MyToasterIsRetarded – BONES
Alifluro – P.A Works
MrSkoringo – Diomedia
OyobiWSTH – Trigger
CrucioTheThird – Studio W.I.T
NaomifiedVA – Crunchyroll
Sebastian Todd – Funimation

Studio Character Designs by OtakuVS:

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  1. Where is Gonzo

  2. Trigger: What about a flaming skeleton cop with little to no animation

  3. 4:20 isnt it Tales of Zestiria…? also 420 haha

  4. KyoAni be like 🔥

  5. why do I remember this video having studio trigger in it

  6. 2:46, hang on dose she have a bulge OwO

  7. Meanwhile, the Hentai animation studios

  8. thank god, trash toei isn't here

  9. Where’s khara v:

  10. Where the hell is Netflix because I wanna roast him?!?!

  11. You forgot Kharra the edgelord. Too cool for anime traditions.

  12. 5:47 The entirety of LB.5 from FGO

  13. Oh, and if any of you want to know why I keep spamming some script sh*t, it’s to show my vision of how everyone’s own vision would work out.

  14. …there's a game that have a character like what Otaku VS's drawing…did you/Otaku VS have giving an permission already to using the character that he had drawing to be used in "this" game?

  15. You know, Diomedia could've been noticed more if you said: "I made HANDA-KUN, NOTHING is gonna beat the intensity of THAT"

  16. Trigger… Sexy mecha wifus

  17. “At least I don’t take 8 years to finish a god damn movie!”
    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya:

  18. 0:59 can anyone tell me names of middle 2 anime?

  19. If you run out of anime Ideas you can always remake your anime as hentai.

  20. 50% comments: Kyoto
    25% comments: Toei Animation
    25% comments: Ideas for a sequel

  21. Brain’s Base (in the form of a scientist): I made Princess Jellyfish, you imbecile! Give me back my anime!

    Diomedea: Uh oh. Guess I mistook Princess Jellyfish for Squid Girl?

  22. bro where is DP?

  23. Ufotable is my favourite studio and that was so fucking precise I died laughing

  24. Plan A: Abstract
    Plan B: Boobies

    Me: GENIUS!!!

    Ghibli: You guys are frickin’ perverts!

  25. Meanwhile, outside the building.

    Toei Animation: Your ideas suck, dude! They’re not gonna make me any money. Get off my back and get a real vision!

    Chaudhry Pictures: But Toei, this partnership is a way to make you relevant again. Your poor animation with One Piece is the reason that I want to team up with you in the first place. Plus, Bandai’s getting more money than you.

    Toei Animation: Help me? You don’t know sh*t about anything. I am already relevant. Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon are still the icons of anime! Have you even saw my shows at all?

    Chaudhry Pictures: No?

    Toei Animation: See? That’s what I’m talking about! You are just a type of ignorance made up by a naive antisocial. Even Khara is doing better than you with Evangelion!

    Khara: These Evangelion movies are gonna hit it off. Dad will be so happy about this!

  26. What would David Production looked like?

  27. And then Kyoto animation got roasted

  28. Where is jc staff

  29. David Productions: Oh im sorry, am i too manly to be in this meeting?

  30. Rip Kyoto Animation

  31. 3:28
    You thought it was an anime studio but it was I, DIO!

  32. Can we have a sequel to this?

  33. Where is deen?

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