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HTC One M8 Remove The Warning Red Boot Text For All Carriers

HTC One M8 Remove The Warning Red Boot Text For All Carriers. Universal Method for S off devices. click show more to see all the links needed below

Link to XDA thread with all the No red text hboot files

micro SD card
rename file to 0P6BIMG.zip

Link to DroidModderX video that requirers android adk and fastboot to flash it

Link to video showing how to flash Lollipop with Hboot and a RUU

Link to Lollipop RUU Verizon file

Also check out this page for more info on the HTC one M8

Check out my RootJunky android app here at Google Play store

5 Things you need to know before rooting or hacking your android device

How to install Android Device drivers
Why Root Android devices video
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices
My New Downloads Page is here
Warning… do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for what you do to your device.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to be able to help. Because of the large amount of messages I get every day I will not answer any questions that do not include this info in the message thanks for understanding. 1. What device you have. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom stock or custom rom / build number in about phone. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. Recovery stock, TWRP. CWM . With this info I will be able to help. 




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  1. will it s-on after install ?

  2. Work for HTC 10 ?

  3. Does it work m9?

  4. Pouvez-vous récupérer les photos et vidéos supprimées de votre téléphone? Htc on 8Veuillez répondre le plus rapidement possible.

  5. not work

  6. Thanks for this. Used the links. Watched the video. Voila! Done. No ugly red screen indicating I messed around with a phone I paid $50 for. 🙂

  7. OS version not shown.

  8. i want flashing files of htc 9060

  9. but mine just keeps putting the warning and doesn't let me go on my phpne

  10. do you have any idea

  11. only showing charging logo when plug the charger

  12. but my phone won't turn on

  13. thank you very much it works on my sprint htc m8

  14. What can i do if the "OS" field is empty? im not sure but i believe it happened after i flashed a custom kernel in order to have write permissions on /system

  15. Hi..Dear Friend,
    Please let know that, I'm using HTC m8 at&t unlock brought from ebay.com my bootloder unlock and s-off. I want to use htc m8 official RUU. I was tried but unable to install. is it possible to install without at&t rom. Just htc m8 official ROM

  16. mi celular ya no prende queda en el logo ayudameeeee.

  17. Bro please help me my hoc m9 same problem but device I cannot power on the red text still there

  18. htc one max

  19. hi Rootjunky, im having a problem… I'm trying to install TWRPrecovery and when i try and reboot into recovery mode, i get that text, but only when rebooting into recovery mode
    Im on a htc desire 820 running 4.4.4

  20. pls Help Me bro
    HTC Desaire 820
    this bulid for development purpose only do not distribute outside of htc without htc s writter parmisan failure to cumply meay lead to legar

  21. os not showing up running cm13

  22. Also, what is it has nothing for OS? I am on the current nightly for CM13 and it just says OS- There is nothing after that. What if the phone is S-off, unlocked and Sprint?

  23. You showed searching for the file on XDA while on a computer. Then your next shot it shows you searching on your phone, iid you just download directly to your phone?

  24. How do I get s-off with out sunshine

  25. works whith international?

  26. hey please help my cel is telcel (México) what can I do for repair my m8.. I need quit this text red, thanks.

  27. it say that that is the worng img what sould i do?

  28. Hey i was wondering, i get this error but im also stuck with a bootloop. Is there anyway to fix it. I have a HTC One M8. Plz respond soon..

  29. Would this work on m7?

  30. That would do my head in clever people finding out new easy ways.

  31. need help, htc Asia: Taiwan hboot pre update

  32. Hello, Im in bootloader and Where is "OS". doesnt appear any number (is in Blank) . I have CM 12.1. S-off , but it appears in my boot in the first line : Software Status: Modified. What firmware do i have to download to remove the red Text. Does it matters that de software is Modified? Thanks a lot for all your help!!

  33. How do you S-off HBoot 3.19? I had tried a bunch of things without success.

  34. Hi Tom, 
    Where did you get the case for your M8? Can you give me a link to it?
    Thank you, keep up the awesome work 😉

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