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HTC One M8 Remove Red Text Warning On Boot Screen All Variants

YOu will need to be S-Off first!

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Grab The file needed here:

Fastbootless method using external sdcard by Rootjunky:

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  1. Can apply in htc 10 ?

  2. Can the same file be applied on HTC 10 EVO bolt?

  3. 99 unknow fail what is this ? Some one can help me please?

  4. thank you man really!

  5. Bro please help me my m9 same problem

  6. tried both methods on the same firmware however no luck

  7. Hi would you recommend a htc one m
    m8 over lg g3?

  8. Cool video how about 4 the m7

  9. Have you guys tried sense 7 for the One M8? If not <—– click our link and go into thread. Cheers

  10. it doesn't work on my desire 816 a5dug…. kept giving me error 99…

  11. I think the red text is cool (if your not trading it in for a new phone)

  12. nice..

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