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HTC One: How to enter Bootloader (or Recovery)

This video shows you how to get into Bootloader for Fastboot mode or Recovery mode (ClockworkMod Recovery) on the HTC One (actually the HTC 802w, the Chinese model). The device has been rooted, and Google Play Store and ClockworkMod recovery were installed. Fastboot mode allows flashing via USB connection from your computer. Recovery mode (ClockworkMod recovery) allows flashing from internal or external microSD card without USB connection nor computer needed (all flashing software self-contained on phone in ClockworkMod module). For HTC mobile phones, the bootloader is also called HBOOT. Rooting is like jailbreaking in Android world. If your phone is rooted, then you have superuser permission to modify (and hence install) anything on the phone.

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  1. My phone loncher is not displaying any apps after resetting the phone , plz help me plz

  2. My phone does not turn on even on charging.. what can i do to enter into the Bootloader Mode??

  3. i cant get token! plz help 
    It says waiting for your device

  4. I need to change the language on my htc one in Bootloader (or Recovery)  mine is in Chinese .any suggestions

  5. Why do they make different models for China?

  6. hol  quiero entrar en modo recovery pero se reinicia y no se puede que hago :c

  7. Error Code: 170.
    Error Reason: CID Not Allowed. , does this mean i cant unlock it?

  8. Thank you.

  9. when i choose recovery it brings me to the same screen as u did (the wo 3g screen) with entering recovery… but not the red texts at the buttom of the screen. Few seconds later it just reboots normally. Can you help me with that pls?

  10. You are welcome. Please rate and subscribe!

  11. Thanks for the video 😀 this is totally different than on HTC 3D Evo and i was confused.

  12. No. Please rate and subscribe.

  13. do you need to have unlocked bootloader or be rooted to enter this mode on htc devices?

  14. i have another problem where volume down is stuck and when I power my phone ON. It goes to boot loader and it always go to boot loader when I try to reboot so I am stuck with this boot loader. Do you have any workaround where I can get out of boot loader. any help would be highly appreciated.

  15. Hello, I have purchased the same phone from China, I need Playstore, can you please mail me the details and the files needed to root with some basic steps, it would be really helpful. My email id is ketangawali@gmail.com. I want you to help not XDA…! As you already know how to do it..!

  16. como desbloqueo mi htc one m7 grasias

  17. search xdev site, there are links for special root files for 802t, which works for mine 802t

  18. after I hit Recovery from the bootloader, HTC logo comes with "Entering recovery…" then it start normally without continuing into CWM recovery.. any help?

  19. Has anyone tried rooting 802t?

  20. I went to XDA developer forums to unlock and root this 802w. You can try there and search for your model.

  21. Ah Allright I see then, thanks.

  22. so basically the difference between the 802w and then normal one is…? Only that it supports micro SD & 2 sims, correct?

    Im not really sure because a chinese friend of me gave me an offer of 4500* RMB

    Can i use HTC One rom's on this , etc?

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