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How To Take A Dab Out Of A Dab Rig (Tutorial)

Learn how to take a fat dab of cannabis concentrate! Im sure a lot of you already know how to dab so feel free to share your dabbing tips in the comments! Hopefully this can helps some beginners! Dabs are a high potency cannabis oil that is extracted from cannabis buds. It is a popular way to ingest cannabis and can be smoked using a dab rig and nail, dab pen, or nectar collector. Dabs are far higher THC percentage compared to the usual buds.

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18+ In a legal medical state.

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  1. Love it 😂 Came for the information, stayed and watched twice for the giggles.

  2. Sick little tutorial brother, that shit is almost invisible. Subbed and looking forward to what else you got. My man also into the low temp dabs 🤙

  3. Thanks man. New to the concentrates, now that I have my med card. Getting tired of batteries and oil, need to switch up some. Peace

  4. Great video homie I was searching on dab rigs since we just got some in stock at my dispensary needed more info on it I’m a dab virgin lmfao Great content

  5. you are the man more asmr content. asmr is booming rn. maybe go for another joint rolling tut.

  6. That is meta?

  7. Rad

  8. Love the tutorial man and your commentary is just enough – info mixed with opinion that shows your knowledgeable. Keep it up homie 😎🌱

  9. And also put background music in 👌🏽🤙🏽

  10. How tf am I the first comment this video is 10/10 you should also put the strain down so we know what your smoking 💯

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