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How to Speed Up Android for Better Performance!

This tips will speed up your Android phone or tablet to improve performance! You’ve probably noticed that your Android device is quite a bit slower than when you first got it. There can be numerous reasons for this. In this video, I’ll show you various ways to speed up the performance of your Android phone or tablet to make it run faster.

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0:20 Update
1:02 Clean Up
1:19 Free Up RAM
1:47 Bluetooth
2:08 Free Up Space
2:36 Optimize Battery
3:05 Do Not Use Apps
3:24 Cached Data
4:36 Lighter Apps
4:56 Developer Options
5:29 Animations
5:58 GPU Rendering
6:16 SKIA
6:34 Background Services
6:51 3rd Party Launchers
7:13 Restart
7:28 Factory Reset



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  1. If none of these tips work to improve the performance of your Android device, it may be suffering from a hardware issue. So, it might be time to upgrade your device… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. i have 32 gb on my zte zmax pro z981 so im ok with the storage part


  4. Its all Because of The RAM and The Core processor and storage Space

  5. Can u upgrade a 4.2.2 tablet ???

  6. I don't have the Set GPU renderer what should I do?

  7. Hahahahha OnePlus 7 pro. U guys are in trouble hahahhaha. Follow the video 😂 iam just laughing

  8. caching is my way to optimize my phone but now tbe andoid 8+ is difficult to root

  9. Hey Bro I dont have the "Set GPU renderer" Tab on my phone PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks!

  11. DAMN. My phone is way faster now thank you!!!!!

  12. Holy crap my phone is so much faster after I got rid of my clock widget wtf

  13. My phone is a piece of shit

  14. You are a god!!!!

  15. Thank you it worked .
    I have 6gb ram it was showing 3.1 GB available but after tips it is 4.2gb

  16. Thanks bro my PHONE is so fast, faster than Usain Bolt it ran away, but I'm glad I caught it.

    WEWZ 😤😤😰😰

  17. Why i dont have force gpu renderer??

  18. Im using Samsung Galaxy s9 and i wanted to see if it ran on a ARMv7 processor so i have better performance on roblox

  19. For tablets who don't have SKIA OpenGL.. You can on the SysTrace OpenGL (Graphics) for faster tablet

  20. Thank you so much, It's a totally different phone!

  21. " People in the first android device be like "

    |< >|

    👇 like for randomness♡

  22. Thanks my tablet is very fast now im so happy but whit the lags in games isnt working again thanks :3

  23. MY BATTERY TIPS : I'm never open my Bluetooth if I'm not using it and whenever I'm not using my phone I'll off WiFi and mobile Data that way my battery will be secure and those who think play with phone while charging is ok you guys really need to change that from now on cuz when you play phone while charging it gave effect to your battery let's say you watch YouTube video with high resolution the video itself harm the battery but at the same time the battery was increasing because you're charging so it's slow your battery and that can harm your battery if you keep doing that everyday

  24. how do we know if an app is misbehaving??

  25. I dont have the set gpu Feature…help?

  26. Tysmmm

  27. so i only have the sims FreePlay on my device on a frickin sd card cause all the space is taken up by things i have never used, 16 gb. the crappy tablet is free. LG GPad F2 8.0. if I do a factory reset, does that mean my sims game will also be erased?

  28. I have an LG K40 in a call a mobile app is not working very well. Call of Duty mobile app is freezing too much and lagging

  29. My phone have profile gpu rendering which have 3 things:-
    On screen as bars
    In adb shell dumbsys gfxinfo.
    Little help here bro

  30. Android oreo lol

  31. Thanks this made my gameplay on games better

  32. Warning!! Doing factory reset will do decrease your battery life and will last shorter. This also applyes to laptops.

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