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How to Set Up Manychat Facebook Comments Growth Tool for Facebook Live Stream Video (Full Tutorial)

This is the step-by-step tutorial for setting up a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Facebook Live Stream Video Comments. Bookmark this video or save for later – this fun tutorial is your one-stop for Facebook Messenger chatbots. Check Description box for links to more videos likes this. Subscribe:


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  1. You never said how to connect it to Faceboook live!

  2. this is not what I meant :

  3. FanTAStic tutorial. I actually did pull out my laptop and follow along and sooooo glad I did. I'd never built a bot before and your video made it crazy-simple-easy. Thanks brude!

  4. How are people supposed to know to comment 'Yes'? Do I say that in the post?

  5. what he fails to mention is in order to do it automatically on every post you need the pro version but hey you can always go to the website manually and use the bot on your live by changing the post which makes this pretty useful.

  6. Instead of typing messages, can I connect a flow? If so, do you have a video for that?

  7. Hello I just made one with the tool FB comments but my clients comment but my message flow does not arrive any solution?

  8. Hello again Owen, While I was trying to link my fb ad with many chat I couldn't find the promoted post, what shall I do?

  9. Tell us how to do it for live video or change the title

  10. I'm confused how this will work for every live now?

  11. my lord, I have been looking every where to figure out how to do this with Manychat! thank you so much!!!

  12. How do we do this for Facebook live videos though?

  13. Thanks! Owen..its really helpfull 😉😉

  14. You promise in the opening that you'll show how to connect Manychat to a FB live? Is that in another video?

  15. DUDE !!! where the live stream thing that you said it will work on … its even the name of the video !! this is very misleading

  16. Thank you so much for covering this topic!!!

  17. Ok why am I confused I know how to set up the Facebook comment but how do I set it up to set it up for every live without having to pick the post?

  18. Great explanation on Chat BOTs Owen! I’m still trying to set mine up as I did my first weekly live tonight! (Monday) on FB!

  19. Thanks, good info, but I have one question… Why are you typing "Yes" to the original post? It doesn't seem like there is any prompt or question. Did you just use that as an example? If so, what would you actually use in that post as a trigger?

  20. i have some problems to get it going properly, even setting it up like u do but still opt-in actions don't come up, don't understand where problem is, can u help somehow?

  21. One of the complete and best video on using manychat's comment growth tool. Thanks. Do you have any referrence on compelete such good video on what is and how to use messenger ref url?

  22. Owen!!! where have you been…I have tried it so many times and failed..Thanks so much for the tutorial..I better get cracking 🙂

  23. It doesn't work for me, I don't use triggers, maybe it's for that? Thx

  24. Best training! thanks so much!!!

  25. So many confusing tutorials and by far this one is the best I ever liked. Thank YOU

  26. Great video. Something I'm wondering is what is better to use for this. A sponsored ad or run an ad to a post on my fan page?

  27. Hi thanks for the video, I was wondering how to setup all future post comments to an automatic reply?

  28. Do you connect most recent post every time? Also So when i'm live this is already connected?

  29. Great tutorial Owen!! Thanks for making it fun and simple.

  30. Hi Owen, please, would you min sharing the tool you are using to emulate mobile navigation on desktop? Thanks so much

  31. The best video on the topic so far thank you i finally understood

  32. This is so good!

  33. Thank you so Much!! You are a life saver! 🙂

  34. Can you use this for facebook lead ads, comments?

  35. This is awesome!! How do i set this up to a Facebook page that I'm an admin on but can't actually log into? It's for my podcast

  36. Hey Owen, Thanks! I thought you said in the beginning you were going to show us how to link up to our live video which was the piece I was missing. Is that in another video? Thanks!

  37. Still cant get it to come up on messenger. I posted face book add and had over 2000 people and 250 engage, but just dosent work when i type in yes on face book add. Also how do they know they have to type in yes as my old add dosent say that anyway.

  38. What about if someone shares a post you are promoting using manychat. So if they share the post and someone comments, will it work?

  39. Good video but not working like it is for you. when i type yes it dosent go to my in box been trying all day

  40. Great video Owen, thank you for your amazing channel!!!

  41. I'm a big boy now!! Thanks for the help, I just watched and paused this a million times and I think I got it!!!

  42. BTW my friend, how to work "sequences" in manychat, if you make a sequence, two people suscribe in diferent days or moments, they how recived the messagge?

  43. Gracias por tu ayuda, me sirvio mucho tu forma de explicar, me quitaste todas las dudas que tenia con esta growth tool, Thanks my Friend, you have a new insight 🙂 from venezuela

  44. Loved the video; but why would they type "yes" in the comments on that post you chose? Are we able to change the post we apply that growth tool to?

  45. This video title is about how the growth tool works with FB Live, but you only showed how it works with a past fb post. Can you please connect the dots for me? How does the growth tool works with FB Live? Thanks in advance.

  46. Awesome knowedge. One critique though….If you asked if they "minded typing in Yes one more time? They COULD reply "No, I don't mind at all." OOPs Nevermind, just watched the rest… 😀

  47. Followed step by step but when I type yes on the facebook post nothing happens… I was a live from the previous evening

  48. you forgot to show how we can connect it to LIVE

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