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How to Select Boot option on Sony Vaio Laptop

How to select Boot Menu option on my sony vaio laptop
How Can Chose Boot menu On My Sony Vaio Laptop
How Can Select Boot Priority On My Sony Vaio Laptop
How Can Select USB Boot For Formating My Sony Vaio Laptop
How To Format My Pc
How To Install Windows On My Sony Vaio Laptop
How To Format My Pc By USB Drive
Boot Menu by Bios select Boot Option
1. shutdown the computer then HOLD the bottom: “ASSIST”
2. F2 to inter the BIOS
3. chnage the option of SECURITY BOOT from “ENABLE” to “DISABLE”
4. change the option of External boot From “DISABLE” to “ENABLE”
5. change the boot Order (first boot : External device)

finally restart your computer and enjoy 🙂
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  1. Now in 2019 I understand the meaning of this wonderful ASSIST button.

    thank you indian smart asian guy

  2. Thanks! Was very helpful!

  3. Sony Vaio laptop Bios mode configuration click here https://youtu.be/3QKSKC8DYRg
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  4. Currently working with a Sony Vaio model vcpea21fx laptop… the ASSIST button boots directly into the OS.

  5. thank you veeeeeeeery mcuh

  6. Great video

  7. I have a Sony PCG-81214L (VPCF12AFM) and it didn't give me the same screen. It brought me to their recovery mode screen. Anyone know if any of the F keys will work to get into BIOS?

  8. you need to fully turn it off and then press the assist button not the power button, hope this helps

  9. in my vaio vpcea43eg when i am hold to assist key for opening boot open they unable to open they start window so what can i do

  10. A friend of mine gave me his laptop for preinstallation and when i pres Assist button i dont see that menu which you show in your video.
    In his case model is pcg 81212m.

  11. In my vivo E VPCEH35EN …Assist key is use as like power key . Means when I press assist key it start with Windows ..What should I do to visualization enable

  12. Thank You 🙂

  13. are u ok ?

  14. There are no options like yours

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