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how to repair windows asus laptop boot auto open fix solution essay

PRESS FN+F2 F2 TO GO TO THE BIOS SETTINGS BEFORE THE COMPUTER SYSTEM THEN MAKE SURE EVERYTHING’S ENABLED AND DISABLEDResetting BIOS to default values (or Aptio in this exact case) might work, too. Of course, we say ”might” with the premise that your HDD is working as intended. If that’s the case, resetting BIOS settings should resolve possible issues and you’ll be able to boot againIf you can, then we are in luck. If you cannot, and there is no way out of the loop, then you WILL need a Windows 8 installation/repair disk to fix the issue.

If you can, we are going to use BOOTREC to fix your problem, hope you are ready
Step 1: Open up Command Prompt CMD from Advanced Startup.
Step 2: Type in the following lines, and press Enter after each line:
bootrec fixMBR
bootrec Fixboot
bootrec rebuildBCD
Step 3: I highly recomend doing a Check Disk on your OS drive just to make sure that everything is where it should be. Type this into Command Prompt and hit enter again.
chkdsk r c:
Step 4: Restart, and then Magic.

The process I listed above should work without a hitch, unless there is a bigger issue at hand. Possible Issues: your Windows 8 install could be corrupted and that is what is making Automatic Repair freeze; your HDD has bad sectors and Automatic Repair is trying to pull data from one of those sectors thus freezing; your BCD is too badly damaged to repair and the only option is a complete reformat. There are manypossibilities, but who knows until you try that first thing. have an asus laptop. I got windows 8.1 on it. One day, when i tried to turn it on, it said preparing automatic repair, followed by a black screen(but it was still on). I left it on for 2 days, and decided to manually shut it down. The problem persisted. One day, after many tries, i got access to it. Then i tried setting up windows 7, in hope that it was just a problem with windows 8.1. It wasn’t. When windows 7 was installing, it needed to restart. When it did, it took me to a screen with the boot manager, now having two options. Windows setup, and windows 8.1. When it went to that screen, I let it automatically go on windows setup, which was highlighted. It froze at the screen where it said starting windows with the logo. After waiting a while, i manually shut it down. Now, i couldnt access anythingn except the “aptio setup utility” when i press f2 on boot. Ive tried booting it with a flash drive i have no disc) that had windows 8.1 setup. It didnt boot it. I also tried with windows 7 and same outcome. I was able to boot a linux mint cinnamon. It didnt work for any other os i
tried. When i tried to boot with windows 8.1, 7, and linux i burned the iso to the flashdrive. If anyone knows the problem, please tell me. I have been trying to solve this for over a month

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