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How to properly configure the SSD as boot drive and HDD as storage drive

In this episode, Linus answers the frequently asked question about how to properly configure the SSD + HDD setup. He covers boot sequence configuration, drive initialization as well as software configuration.


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  1. lot of headache lol and it's why I use Macs!

  2. Thank you sir

  3. where did he get the web installation wizard from at 4.01

  4. Are this steps that can still be followed?

  5. 2020 here, and when I see this squirly guy's face I know someone's gonna give me No BS "what I experienced and what I know" valued information.

  6. Amazing.

  7. My Lenovo H520s doesn't have this menu. It has a start/boot menu, but never lists the drives. Using Windows Memory Diagnostics helps the SSD show up, though….half the battle.I got it booting in the right order, but it took forever. Label storage as storage….drive letters change themselves in certain situations.

  8. This NCIX guy straight up copied Linus Tech Tips even his name is similar, same hair cut, same everything

  9. This was everything I was looking for!!!! Thank you so much!!!! <3 <3 <3

  10. 7 years later.. installing everything on my 970 evo 1TB nvme m.2 lol

  11. who's watching in 2020? finally got a 2tb ssd….

  12. Thank you

  13. thank God i found Linus when i searched for this

  14. Excuse me, is that possible to use an SSD to boot my personal computer and use HDD as storage for my files simultaneously ?

  15. finally bought an ssd in 2020 and whom better to help than the mighty Linus xD

  16. Having trouble figuring out how to set up SSD as boot drive, google and find video with Linus in the thumbnail. "Ok Linus, help me"…. 5 seconds later "OMG baby Linus!!!!!!!!"

  17. I always watch modern LTT vids and suddenly I'm watching a Lnis video from 2013

  18. Wow it's 2020 and I'm coming back to this video

  19. Just had to this video in 2020 to format my new ssd

  20. Only got my ssd in 2020 when Linus had his since 2013

  21. https://youtu.be/R-qTVkbgMwI

  22. that rig probably gets great ventilation

  23. thats weird i have a feeling of DEJAVOO

  24. Hit this or that or whatever

  25. What the fuck can’t even get started to find msi boot

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