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How to Make Bootable USB from ISO/IMG file in | Mac OS | Linux | Windows | 2016

If you guys want to make bootable USB from ISO file or img file this tutorial will work for you. I try to make this video tutorial for all platform users like windows , Linux and Mac so whatever you are using this tutorial will help you.

In this tutorial i use Lubuntu ISO file as example but you can use any Linux distro or any windows ISO file.

Make Bootable USB in Windows : 0:00

Make Bootable USB in Linux : 3:19

Make Bootable USB in MAC OS : 6:04

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  1. Did you fast forward? My mac isn't showing the message. Unless actually have to wait a while.

  2. Great job bro (for mac)

  3. If you wanna know if the usb is being written or not. Go to Activity Monitor – Disk, and filter "dd"

  4. Alternatives to Hiren's BootCD for Mac.any Solutions?

  5. Nice review

  6. Thank you! The mac session saved my evening

  7. Would you want crack keys for all types of applications. Search in google as "101SecrectKeys" you'll find countless cracks for applications here.

  8. can we dual boot linux on windows 10

  9. Thank you so much ….

  10. How do you open the .exe file.  I can not?

  11. lyfe is music

  12. Awesome!!!!

  13. usb ib BLINKING for an hour should i still wait???
    DONE!!!!! WORKS!!!!! SUPER!!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!!
    took 2-3hrs to write
    MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6

  14. you jumped to linux after installing the universal usb. how did you get to the linux part??

  15. "After this you WILL get this message"
    lemme just say I did not get this message. It's been 10 minutes and I'll give it an hour.

  16. i have a img format it doesnt show only iso help help

  17. I fucking thought that little m was an n

  18. it did not work this is bullshit

  19. Thanks so much man! <3 #RESPECT

  20. I get dd: /dev/disk1: Operation not permitted
    What am i doing wrong ?

  21. i cant download the universal installer.what shall i do to solve the problem?

  22. thank your my dear

  23. i am using OS X 10.5.8 and i dont have ExFAT in my options…. I need help

  24. I have a Windows 8 ISO on USB. How can I use that in Oracle Virtual Machine? When I point to the USB from the VM i can't see the ISO

  25. I keep getting "dd: /dev/disk4: Resource busy" error on OS X. Any tips?

  26. Great! Thank you man!

  27. Can you help? I tried using unetbootin to make a windows 10 bootable usb and all it has when i try to boot it is a blue screen with a 10 second countdown and one option saying default, It never continues no matter what. Is there a fix? I need to fix my PC asap and i only have linux right now to help.

  28. everything worked fine except when I went to reboot, I held down the option key with no usb drive displayed. I'm running a 2006 imac with Mac OS 10.6.8.

  29. How would you do this under OSX El Capitan? The Disk Utility app got a facelift and is kind of garbage now :

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