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How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB For FREE

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How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB For FREE

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive for installing Windows 10 Operating system, performing windows 10 update, upgrade, or making clean install for both Windows 10 Pro and Home editions for free. There are two common ways to do this, the first way is to directly use the media creation tool from Microsoft, in which case all you would need is a USB stick, 8 gig or larger, and an internet connection. The second way is to use a third-party application to create your Windows 10 bootable USB. In that case you will need a Windows 10 iso file, which you can download for free, a USB stick, and of course the third-party application. There are several third party applications out there you can choose from. Here I will be using Rufus.


 Download Microsoft Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 (ISO):
 Download Rufus:


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How to Create UEFI Bootable USB flash Drive to Install Windows 10/8.1/7

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  2. Chose which media to use- I’m not getting that option

  3. Thanks your explanation was so easy to follow, it help me out a lot, thanks again

  4. Bro after your USB is ready and then

  5. you are so amazing sir

  6. 7:34 If you want to creat a bootable windows installation drive without using RUFUS than just simply follow my step:-

    First you need to open CMD, run it as an Administrator then just simply type these commands:-

    Type "diskpart" then press Enter key
    *list disk" press Enter key
    "select disc x" (your disc letter) (e.g E,F,G etc) enter
    "clean" enter
    "create part pri" enter
    "select part 1" enter
    "format fs=ntfs quick" enter
    "active" enter
    "exit" enter

    Now Mount the .iso File and Copy Paste all content to your USB Drive 😺

  7. 0:46 he is like telling us to watch his videos in HD

  8. how much download will it take ?

  9. your video is very useful
    thank you very much

  10. Thank you so much, well presented and informative

  11. Can we use that ISO file multiple times?

  12. 15minutes……. mines been going for 3 hours Lol

  13. Excellent

  14. You say it's only 18 megabytes it's actually 3.5 Gb

  15. Hi, my windows is broken so i will boot it from usb. But am I need another activation code for windows? Already I have original windows on my pc. It is just 1 week old. Can you help me?

  16. Thanks Brother

  17. Thank you!
    Brilliant video; clear, succinct and oh so useful.

  18. Thank you for this video. My question is, will Microsoft be involve with the registration? As my laptop was bought secondhand eight years ago and the shop doesn't exist anymore. Thank you in advance for your reply. Regards, Mustafa.

  19. is this gonna delete my D: partition if i am installing windows in C: ?

  20. can i do it with usb stick with 7gb?


  22. Does doing this delete all your files and games and idk what on your main pc?

  23. sir, i am using mac to download this, it doesn't show, can you help me?

  24. is this to make a win 10 install usb, I want to run win 10 from usb

  25. Nice video thank yu, my question is, why on my c drive there's no windows small icon that indicates the presence of the windows inside of it? I'm curious

  26. wow amazing video HATS OFF Thank you

  27. its says this device is in use by another process

  28. Wondering if you could still use the usb as media storage

  29. Is windows 10 free ?

  30. thanks you so much!!I will definitely subscribe in your channel

  31. Very useful video, thanks a lot from Georgia))

  32. Is it permanent or trial

  33. if I have windows 10 on this computer and download windows 10 to a usb stick will Windows 10 still be on this computer? (microsoft creation tool)

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