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How To Make A UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive To Install Windows 10/8.1/7

Hi Folks ! In this Video as i have shown an easy way to Make A UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive To Install Windows 10/8.1/7. Download Links are available below….

Download Links :
Windows Iso Download :

Rufus Latest Version :


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  1. Sir iso 64bit windows7 download link


  3. i have the very old laptop of hp mini notebook earlier i had windows xp now i want the window 10 of 32 bit , but show shows the error for booting and and says UEFI boot can be done only

  4. You saved my life literally
    Thank you so much !!!

  5. I don’t have legacy

  6. I get a black screen after the logo

  7. Hi great work, When I click start after selecting values it gives error as "select an EFI bootable iso or change target type to BIOS" please help.

  8. "only efi bootable iso images are supported" error message is showing.. Could you plz help us? how can we make efi bootable iso image??

  9. i want ur help

  10. please tell , should we keep bios mode in UEFI OR legacy mode to boot this usb….please clarify….

  11. lmfao fucking indian scammer accent. hehe

  12. I have done what you have said but still my usb is not showing in uefi boot mode…please help

  13. Thanks it works!

  14. you are a star mate 10 seconds from binning a good laptop till I watched this thanks again

  15. i only have 1 question..do you need a bootable usb drive to istall windows if my pc has a dvd player and i have a windows 10 dvd?

  16. are u Indian I have same problem my window 10 is crashed and doesn't reinstall because of bios doesn't detect my window CD I had tried every thing like backup copy through cmd prompt but nothing happen plz help me thanks

  17. How I can Install windows 7 64 bit on y11b pm laptop plz help me friend ??

  18. Is it necessary to leave the USB Flash in Fat32 Format? some people said it should be in NTFS. What's the different? I'm still newbie.

  19. i always stumble on your post's … nice man!

  20. please I need the URL for download Rufus 2.9

  21. Thank youuuu

  22. will this work with a WIN7 64BIT iso?

  23. Your are my hero and savior thanks for your time and effort god bless you for your disposition to help others.

  24. every time i try to download windows onto my usb flash drive it says "we cant find a usb flash drive"

  25. what is legacy viasis
    and how do i know what my laptop has

  26. I just cant listen to your voice.

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