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How To Load Bootloader onto Arduino

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Here is link to the crystal:
Here is the link to the caps:
Need a breadboard?

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  1. thanks !

  2. Thank you very much!!!

  3. You don't need to connect the ground pins (Pin 8 and Pin 22) to each other, they are internally connected. You just need to connect one of them to the common ground rail

  4. 2019

  5. Nice video but connecting an LED directly from the digital output (D13) to ground could fry that output. You should have had a series current limiting resistor like a 1Kohm.

  6. "there she is…she is blinking like a bitch at 10:00"…cool

  7. Thanks for the simple explanation. Initially I consistently had the incorrect signature errors and thought the IC was faulty, but changing the crystal from 16MHz to 8MHz fixes it.

  8. I thought I've burnt 5 atmegas before realising my board was bad and corrupted the bootloader. And for some reason Arduino reference pages doesn't load the wiring images at all, so you just fucking saved me, dude ❤❤❤

  9. Can I upload bootloader to new Atmega328 IC from Atmega328p Arduino UNO?

  10. Good one

  11. Thanks to your friend for this tutorial. I did everything as you did and succeeded. Ps- I had to change the quartz because at first it was impossible to burn the boot. I just had 2 oscillators I changed and it went without a problem.

  12. Hi, nếu tôi muốn nạp code hex cho chíp atmega 328p bằng board arduino để chạy chương trình là cái đồng hồ của tôi thì nạp như bạn hướng dẫn được không?

  13. 10:01 "She is blinking like a bitch" :))) you are so funny man ! :))

  14. how to upload code from to arduino uno to attiny402…

  15. Help me guy's still i am getting an error. Or i have to install the lower version of IDE. Using (1.8.6)

  16. work's right – after read some comments 😉 "arduino as ISP" + push the cristal xD

  17. good video…

  18. Sir i need u r whatsapp number plz….. i have designed a program and want to discuss about that…

  19. hi, does it need any library? If yes, where can i get it?

  20. Thanks guys. very good jobs

  21. Thanks a lot buddy

  22. Can I do this with atmega8 using uno?

  23. Burning a bootloader need a new ic or not

  24. Can i use Arduino Nano as isp?

  25. "Blinking like a bitch" hilarious

  26. [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DVt1B5fYhv8] [arduno atmega16 bootloader and upload skatch in hindi – YouTube] is good,have a look at it!

  27. God Instruktions, 1000 Points 🙂 Sehr gute Anleitung, Top

  28. I added reset button in my circuit… Sir my question is will the chip loss its boot loader if I press the reset button?

  29. how can i solve this problem. it occured when i select burn bootloader

    avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

    Error while burning bootloader.

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