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How to install Windows on your new SSD | OS install

Installing Windows on your new SSD will speed up your entire gaming PC. Rather than just booting your game installs from your solid state drive, having the entire operating system installed on your speedy drive will make more of a difference. So here’s how to install Windows on an SSD.

And it’s possible to get high capacity SSDs for a decent price now too. You can always simply clone an existing install to your SSD, and you can watch how to do that here:

But if you just want to start afresh with a clean Windows install this is how to do it quickly and easily.

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  1. Which new SSD have you gone for?

  2. This is absolutely awesome. Such a simple, understandable and well thought out tut.


  3. Question, I'm in the process at the moment but I haven't been able to get a reliable answer, will I have to delete the os data off the HDD or can I simply leave it as is and just make sure to switch over boot priority?

  4. Please can someone help. I followed the steps and cloned over to the new ssd , booted up all ok, then I realised I had the same files on my local c drive and my d drive so i deleted all the files ( everything from my old drive I used to boot up with) now I can't download anything online or even reset my pc . Please help

  5. hi,if i clone my hdd and its windows to a ssd,then how about the license of the windows?did it migrated too?

  6. This video was brilliant. Helped a complete non-techie to do exactly what was needed. Thank you

  7. hi,if i clone my hdd and its windows to a ssd,then how about the license of the windows?did it migrated too?

  8. My computer is stuck on bios mode.
    DEFAULT boot divace missing boot faild.
    When I start my computer I only get 1 option EFI PXE network (E8-6A-64-27-B9-29)
    My old ssd was not detected so I bought a new one and now it's showing up in bios that I have hard disk but still not working,
    I have tried to put boot mode to legacy mode and I have tested to start my computer with internet cable but still I can't get any result.
    After legacy mode I get this message
    PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable
    Well what do I check if I have laptop??
    Have controlled that all cables are connected so what do I do.
    Did try with reinstall windows but Its gives me error massage after I plug in USB. And how do I get license if my old ssd won't boot up ? I have new laptop so I only have windows sticker on it no license

  9. Will this method work with a hdd?

  10. There's so much unneeded and extra talking in this video, god.

  11. What if I had windows 10 pro on my 1 tb ssd and I just wanted to a 4tb for a total of tb? Do I need to buy another windows pro license? I have a gygabyte z170 motherboard from 2016

  12. Thank you very much, I've recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU with a new ssd and I've been having a nightmare of a time trying to get my PC the way I want, very new to this and your video really helped me get the partition stuff dealt with! Much love!

  13. We put rings in the noses of the "Bulls" on the farm too! 🙂

  14. Hello, i bought an m2 sata SSD for my laptop, before i have hdd, i want to use both of them, but windows has installed hdd, i want to install windows in ssd and delete in hdd , how can i do that ?

  15. Brilliantly Helpful Tutorial Dave!! Just upgraded by SSD card and installed a fresh copy of Windows in this lockdown period!! Went like a dream!! Much appreciated this!

  16. Mine said that it had to be in GPT format and that I couldn’t install it?

  17. It just doesn’t work for me and I’ve tried EVERYTHING

  18. Just saved me £110 thank you very much.

  19. If you clone your PC will viruses and other problems also be transferred to the new SSD?

  20. Really helpful screwed myself and deleted all my nvidia files needed a new instal 10/10 would highly reccomend

  21. i am so close to throwing my pc out the window

  22. Perfect tutorial! Thank you so much!

  23. I know this is a bit late but hopefully someone can help me. I repeated every step in this video precisely and when I boot up my pc to start installing it onto my ssd it loads me to a black screen with the windows logo but no loading circle. I have tried so many different things to reinstall and they all end up like that. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  24. I dont understand any of this…..I got a new SSD and i figured it would be as simple and putting it in…..I'm lost

  25. Followed all the instructions and it still didn't work, I just get stuck in the automatic repair loop.

  26. It deleted all my files on the USB ;(

  27. I did the installation onto the new SSD, but instead of going to the network screen at 5:30 it just reboots and goes back to the start of the install? and if i try boot from my SSD it says Reboot and select proper boot device

  28. So if I already have windows installed on my hard drive and go through this process and install it onto my ssd will windows still exist on my hard drive taking up space or is there a way I can delete it or just wipe my hard drive after installing windows onto the ssd

  29. Great video. It made the whole process so smooth. Thanks.

  30. Great stuff brother 💯

  31. I’ve literally been fucking around with a lot of videos and programs and nothing worked. But this finally works!!! It took me 2 days….. THANKS MAN

  32. Great video!!!! Thanks so much you saved me

  33. Non Techie/Gamer Question (O; – After installing Windows 10 to the nice new shiny SSD, where do you recommend installing other software tools i.e. Camtasia, Audacity etc, to the storage HDD or also to the SSD? Many thanks in advance, for any assistance.

  34. My windows was already installed on an ssd and now i want to format, but they dont let me delete the partition, the only one that i can delete is the ssd.. What should i do ? Can i delete it? Or i just install it there whithout deleting any drive? Please help, thanks!

  35. do you have this in a text format? this was kind of fast for me

  36. Quick question. If you don’t have a large enough usb can you use an external harddrive to boot the windows installation?

  37. so helpful! many thanks:)

  38. I put a SSD in, didn’t work, found out I needed windows 10 by this video because I thought windows came automatically in every SSD hahaha. Thank you for this video!

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