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How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive

How to install Windows 10 from a flash drive. You would need a 4GB USB flash drive, or 8GB for the 64-bit version.

Microsoft Windows 10

Disable UEFI

Change the boot order

Upgrade to Windows 10 If you don’t want to loose data:

Format and Clean Install Windows 10


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Cách cài win 10 bằng USB chi tiết từ A–Z mới nhất 2019 – Kênh 68

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  1. turns out what these retards dont tell you you have to have space on the drive regardless of usb size.

  2. again not the same i didntr get any choice of windows

  3. not the same window pop up eitther so good start already.

  4. not quite the same website given as shown

  5. Forgot to mention to remove the usb when the computer restarts /:

  6. When I try this, it says there’s an error that says “windows cannot find the Microsoft software terms”

  7. Where can i get file inside usb?

  8. Can we install windows 7 from a usb drive

  9. I’m reinstalling windows 10 on my laptop thanks to you! After leaving it to collect dust for over two years I finally decided to put it back to good use! Thanks for the help!

  10. woooooooow what a pleasent surprise

  11. How are sir.
    Sir second step its stoping on 92% .its two time same stopping 92%. Give me solution

  12. How do I download it on a USB and then take that usb and install windows on a different PC with that USB.

  13. Sir did it need a net connection

  14. You made it look so easy. Here I am trying overnight to reinstall a friend’s old laptop.

  15. Thank you dude. Been spending a night figuring it out finally worked. massive thanks

  16. Quick question, at 3.51 why cant i choose the upgrade button?

  17. What part do I take out the USB?

  18. How can we install windows 10 on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for dual boot

  19. Will it erase the whole hard disk or only the place where we install windows?

  20. After I select my language and stuff it automatically takes me to “you need 8gb on c drive” even though I have my USB plugged in and chose creat new installation.

  21. While installing it's getting shut down every time i tried to install.
    Thanks in anticipation of favourable reply

  22. I NEED HELP! 🙁

  23. MY PC IS cloudready chromium os it cant run executable

  24. ummmm excuse me Mr Miguel, can we update windows 10 pro that we install from a USB drive?

  25. Is this required?

  26. good

  27. This does not tell you how to format! It all goes to one partition – C://

  28. Wow ..it's working Damm thank you Mannn

  29. Thank you so much

  30. Does it remove everything in my pc? Like does it format my pc? Please tell someone!

  31. Thanks. How to activate windows


  33. I was installing the hyper v server…
    now I want to go back to my Windows desktop…help me please

  34. If you delete both drives you delete your all data just format 0 partition and select next.. And store all data in local disk D. Before installing new window.

  35. Cant change boot priority order

  36. THANK YOU!!!!! I have been looking for 3 HOURS!!!!!

  37. Yes avoid error it's working I followed your step my CPU is now working speed my PC OS WINDOWS 10

  38. I had this version of Windows installed in my pen-drive turned flash-drive. Can I start with the set up in it directly???

  39. thanks it works for me

  40. Thank you it was very helpful 🙏🙏🙏

  41. do you need a usb?

  42. Thank you so much i feel pro installer now hahaha

  43. The Second Install

    Stuck In Getting Ready

  44. Oh my lord thank god for this man, I’ve been trying to do this for like 3 hours and countless tutorials and this video is what actually worked. Thank very much

  45. How to create 2 partitions with 480gb each (960gb ssd)

  46. I installed windows 10 on HP Compaq nc6400 and sound is n out not working and install the driver

  47. Help, I don't have the unallocated slot

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