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How to Install Windows 10 64-Bit in UEFI Mode with Rufus

This Video is about how to Install Windows 10 64-Bit in UEFI Mode.

This was a Clean Install of Windows 10 using a Bootable USB. The Disk on which I installed Windows 10 was already a GPT Disk and I’ve already created some Free Space (Unallocated Space) by deleting some Partitions before starting to Record the video.

Before Installing please make sure to check the Minimum Requirements for Windows 10:

For this video I used Win10_1607_Enterprise_English_x64.iso and Rufus v2.11.

Windows 10 ISO:



*** Sorry for the Camera Quality ***




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  1. Does it have to be fat32 ? Or can it be ntfs ?

  2. Can I perform the bootable flashdrive windows10 on another computer then perform installation on another computer using the bootable flashdrive to install windows10pro

  3. I didn't have rufus…
    Im used windows 10 pro but It a lagged everytimes and bluescreen…

  4. Music

  5. Video quality very bad. So no use with the video.

  6. 64bit .iso Windows 10 64bit from Microsoft is 5GB, Rufus always goes to NTFS…the non-bootable FS, FAT32 caps at 4GB….wtf, how are you all doing this????

  7. How about the part that your hdd should be set to gpt?

  8. Good God your printing is better that what my computer could do lol.

  9. so, if a have windows 10 32 bits, i cant upgrade to 64 bits trough a usb?, what can i do?, use a dvd?

  10. Background music far too high. Please low background music volume low in future videos recording etc. Thanks.

  11. thank you very much

  12. Thanks

  13. Have i to change my boot order from Legacy to UEFI first ?

  14. you should write the title in indian, can't understand.

  15. I’ve tried fat32 and ntfs On uefi I have no legacy or pxe bieng shown so I get black screen

  16. what OS are you using before downloading ISO ?

  17. Are bhai partition create nahi ho raha hai why ?

  18. can I burn the ISO file into a disc not a usb ?

  19. Bhai mera nhi ho raha hp hai mera pass

  20. when i used this one it was showing bootable device failed

  21. شيييييخ ولد شيخ خشم شيخ

  22. Im using BIOS How can i upgrade my computer into 64 bit umm actually im begginer for this. Can you help me?

  23. i think my bios is legacy but i intalled the bios from lenovo site as uefi is this the reason for the blue screen

  24. hey i also have blue screen error.only when i enable my amd driver.after enable it.during gameplay my laptop restarts and closing a video during watching it happens

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