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How to Fix SONY TV Stuck on Boot Screen || SONY BRAVIA TV Keeps Rebooting

How To Fix SONY TV Won’t Turn ON, Red Light Flashing, Power Supply Board Problem

Sony Android tv stuck in boot loop. Help please!

►PROBLEMS: My Sony Android TV (kdl43w805c) has suddenly stop starting. I can see the logo sony appearing on the TV and white led starting blinking smoothly but then the TV stops and start again forever. I have seen previous mentions of this problem on the forum but it does not seem that anyone has found a solution.

So far I have tried the soft and hard reset. I even tried to force the hard reset using the buttons located on the back of the TV. It did not do anything as the TV keeps starting and stopping all over again

►SOLUTION 1: following troubleshooting step, should be tried that might help
– Have you tried to disconnect TV power cord from the power outlet for 10 minutes to reset, replug back in and check?

►SOLUTION 2. Replacement of the mainboard on the TV is needed to resolve the problem. Mainboard is the one where video/ HDMI inputs are located, please click the following link to view main board image and part number info to search/ google it to get replacement board price info if you’re looking to attempt to repair the TV yourself

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  1. Perform forced factory reset settings by keeping the tv off . .press and hold power on button and volume down button both at a time(which is located on the tv) and tell someone to on the tv by plugging in the power cable .. hold it to 10 to 30 sec until the power light turns to green . .it solved my tv on loop problem hope it will solve yours

  2. Issue – Sony TV restarting on Android logo (Looping issue)
    Followed below steps.

    1) Formatted USB to FAT32 8GB capicity
    2) Downloaded latest firmware from Sony https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/lcd-tvs-android-s85xxc-series/kd-65s8505c/downloads/00016209#download
    3) Extracted firmware file to USB
    4) Inserted USB to TV
    5) Pressed and Hold Low Volume button and Power button
    6) Light Greenlight flashed
    7) Released both the button

    Nothing……. I am still stuck on the same issue

    Any suggestion ?
    How can I force TV to use USB ? because TV is not reading firmware from USB.

  3. Hello everyone! There was the same problem, stuck on loading screen and automatically switch off, again automatically switch on, stuck, repeated the same.
    Helped solution, please remove plug from socket, then please simultaneously press both buttons (power and volume -) behind TV till 30 seconds and release the buttons. Leave TV for 10 minutes.
    If appears the same problem.
    Please insert the plug into a power outlet, appears the same problem, stuck on loading screen, please simultaneously press both buttons (power and volume -) behind TV till appear circle green logo, please wait and leave tv for a while, after which a message about setting up the TV appears on the screen. Then your tv starts to work. Hope that it helps.

  4. it did, but then it happened again when i turn off the tv and turn it back on

  5. Hi mate :i do that and factory data reset and then stock welcome and language it dosen't change.

  6. It’s done ✅ thanks a lot

  7. This might be a little bit unusual but I'm currently looking for cheap budget TVs, probably second hand. I stumbled upon a 2015 65" 4K Bravia sold for only 150€. The reason for the incredibly low price is that it's stuck in a boot loop. I haven't had the opportunity to check it out myself but it seems to be exactly this, no other damage.

    How often is this because of a more difficult to fix hardware issue? Would you say it's risky to pick this up in case it needs a new board or is just toast?

  8. My Sony still loops from Sony screen to the turning android symbol. Never gets to say android (just spins) then loops back to Sony over and over again. My tv also powers on as soon as it’s plugged in ? Power buttons don’t work on remote or tv. Anyone have any ideas ?

  9. Hello, Fix Netflix. I have a Sony Bravia Android Smart TV KDL 50W809C. The problem with this TV, is that is stuck in infinite bootloop, my remote doesn't influence the TV at all. I cleaned the remote, I tried the hard reset with vol – & power (green light led), tried the solution in your video, tried the recovery mod with a USB flash drive, tried the upgrade to v5.435 with USB flash drive in all USB ports, nothing seems to work.
    Here's a video I just Uploaded to my Youtube channel, with the TV problem:


    If you have any solution, pls let me know. Thanks in advance.

  10. tvit did work my sony bravia (KD-55XD80xx). i tried more times no progress, I left the alone. after 1 – 1.5 hrs it was showing the welcome screen, tested, switched off and switched on, it Works

  11. This TV is complete crap.

  12. This is the same issue about our tv… It start on the day i tried to use screen mirroring its automatically shutdown then i wait until next morning it was ok then but in a few month it happens again but not the way i use before it happens when we are watching some teledramas…

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l07NUugVItI&feature=youtu.be any idea what can be wrong or how to fix it? I am able to hear sound from menu, but i cant see only pictures on video. thx for any advice

  14. My Sony LED bravia 50inch tv still doesn't boot up, it has stuck on Logo screen, i tried it your way but still didn't start… Any help would be good

  15. I have an Imperial tv brand and its stuck on andriod screen

  16. help me

  17. for me it turns on by its self then some 4 logos appear and as soon as it does it turns off… couple seconds later it turns back on and the same thing repeats over and over, any suggestions to fix?

  18. But my TV has no power button

  19. it does not work on me

  20. This fix did work for me either

  21. my sony tv bravia is got into restart loop pl help

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