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How to Fix Dell No Bootable Device Found / No Boot Device / Dell Latitude E5470 | NexTutorial

This video will be helpful if you are dealing with the following issues;
‘Boot device not found’
‘no bootable device found’
‘no boot device’
‘Exiting PXE-ROM Press any key to reboot’

Im Using Dell Latitude E5470


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  2. I have something completely different. The screen I get after pressing F2 is blue and contains none of the options you mentioned. It shows the following ones: system info, standard CMOS features, Advanced BIOS features, Advanced chipset features, power management, BIOS security features – load defaults – save and exit setup – exit without saving. What should I do?

  3. Bro…thank you Sooo Much..i tried the second one and it worked..i was so worried ..i thought it's gonna cost alot of money but you saved me..thank you soooooo much

  4. I don't have that option under the UEFI boot option. What do I do now?

  5. My bios has a completely different interface (it’s all text, no windows) and it was already set to UEFI. Would changing it to legacy mess something up?

  6. Thank you so much it really helped ❤️

  7. How to find bitlocker password???

  8. Lifesaver

  9. For me it worked upto the point you have shown. After that it just kept on asking me for the recovery key and didnt procede further. It was not able to boot to windows😥

  10. The boot thing didn’t work and and I just replace the hard drive what now?

  11. I am in UEFI and there is nothing in Under boot Sequence . I pressed add Boot option and it said “ file system not found!” How can I fix this

  12. Awesome. Very clear , visual and to the point instructions. You were a huge help. Thank you !.

  13. Thank you so much it helped my lap to work again

  14. thanks brother love you

    thanks a lot great job

  15. Please help me mine is stuck in the f2 and the f12 it freazes and nothing happens please helpp

  16. You shit…wastedmy 6 mins

  17. I did like what u've said at 1:50 then it shows another pop-up saying
    ePSA 4304.14 – Warning
    Hard Drive – Not installed
    Continue testing?
    What should I do ? Please help me 🙁

  18. Thank you! Work fine here

  19. Hii bro thanks

  20. Love you, it took from me
    only one minute, thanks a lot ❤️❤️

  21. I tried this and followed every step sir, but, it just went back to the same thing. It never fixed it. Could you please help out? Or at least give out the other 2 ways to solve the problem?

  22. I fucking love you, fuck taking this thing to someone who will ruin it more thank you so much WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. THANK YOU!!!

  24. Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!

  25. Thank you very much. This video resolved issue that I am facing with personal laptop.👌

  26. Didnt work. I guess I need a new hard drive.

  27. Didn't work for me I'm going to try the steps over again 😊

  28. It says my hard drive is not installed. What do i do?

  29. My window keeps turn on and off. Please help

  30. You save me duds.

  31. Mine just says when I run diagnostics that the had drive did not complete self-test. Did not work

  32. Thank you soooooo much for the video. Helped me fixed the issue without sending it out for expensive repairs!

  33. Jan 29, 2020
    Worked on my Optiplex 3020!

    Just swapped it to Legacy

  34. I have installed my HDD but it show HDD red dot .

  35. DELL is a problem

  36. Oh god , you saved my life man , thanks from all over my heart ✌👌

  37. Really worked for me

  38. Verry helpful

  39. My hdd went bad so I bought a ssd. I'm getting the no boot option. I followed your steps but it doesn't let me click on the uefi boot and currently it's on legacy

  40. verry informative thank you sir

  41. Worked thanks bro

  42. thank you! you really saved my life.

  43. Thank you very much ! You saved me

  44. Thank you so much..it worked🙂🙂

  45. Mine passed the first part (even the additional testing). Boot sequence is already set up to UEFI and I am still running into the same issue. Does this mean it would require HDD replacement?

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