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How To Fix Bootrec /fixboot Access is Denied During Fix Boot Configuration (2 Fixes )

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In this video, I will be showing you two possible ways to fix the problem of “Access is Denied” when you try to run the bootrec /fixboot command in Windows. This command is normally used to fix a number of startup problems like “Windows Failed to Start A Recent Hardware or Software Change Might Be The Cause”, blue screen of death that says “Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart”, black screen on startup, missing boot device, et cetera. The bootrec command rebuilds the Boot Configuration Data file, that’s the BCD, in cases where the file is missing, corrupted, or isn’t properly configured.

1. The first method is to recreate the EFI directory structure and reconfigure the boot files using BCDBoot command.
2. The second fix is to configure your USB with the 1703 build in order to run your bootrec commands without errors. (This process will not downgrade your Windows from 1803 to 1703, it only provides you the command line terminal from the 1703 build from where you can run the bootrec commands without error).


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  2. just do bootsect /nt60 sys

  3. mine after V: /f all
    failure when attempting to copy boot files

  4. Still says access denied and failure when attempting to copy boot files

  5. After l Downloaded a program called "MEMU ANDROID EMULATOR" on my toshiba satellite p870 asked me to update drivers so l downloaded a "I0BIT DRIVER BOOSTER" and a few days later my laptop got so slow & all the apps started crashing or not responding. so l decided uninstalling these apps would fix the problem. Using Ccleaner app to uninstall them.After uninstalling these apps it even got worse ( l'm thinking l deleted something l shoudn't have). ldid refresh pc came out with an error code: 0c0000001. Then tried recovery it said "your pc coudn't start properly. after multiple tries, the operating system on your pc failed to start,so needs to be repaired error code: 0x0000001 . l used Rocovery again, it said "Your pc needs to be repaired the operating system coudnt be loaded because required file is missing or corrupted File:PSHED.dll Error code: )x0000185 and asked me to use recovery tools. My pc came with windows 8 originaly ,about four years ago l upgraded to Windows 10 and l wasnt happy with Windows 10 and l coudnt revert it back to windows 8 so l rang Toshiba and told them the problem, they said l have to purchased the Windows 8 media thats the only way. After an argument over it l had to purchased it so that fix my problem then. Now l am using that Windows 8 media USB to fix it but it doesnt boot for some reason. so l downlaoded a Windows 8.1 Media trying to fix it. still cant fix it it says some partition missing. l tried cmc.exe to create partition. l did clean the drive had partition but it keeps saying ""cant install the windows on this drive if install, the drive might fail and tried it anyway. it did installing all the way to the ""FEATURES"" then it was canceled without saving to the registery. After watching your videos l thought you might help me with this problem. Sorry it was a very long but l had to tell you everythin l tried then you have an idea where l think l deleted that partition by accident and while reinstalling the Windows at the ""Windows set up frame, where do you want to install Windows"" Drive Partition 1: system reserved is total 350.0MB. Drive Partition 2 Total 931.2GB Primary. Lam choosing 931,2 GB Primary it says Windows cant be install on drive Partition 2. l clicked on details. saying Windows cant be install oon this disk . The disk may fail soon. If other disks are available , install Windows to another location. ??? l am. Thank you

  6. I gave this a thumbs down ONLY because "access was still denied".. the 2and option is USELESS as the OS was not operational…

    Wish this would have worked!

  7. 3:59 access still denied 🤭

  8. My error of access is denied for bootrec/fixboot still comes after v: >CD /d v:efiMicrosoft boot
    Plz help in solving this problem

  9. 2:03 my System Reset is HIDDEN thats y its denied later on. Help how to unhidden

  10. it tells me the system cannot find the path specified

  11. I need help…

  12. the fixes didnt help me but i did manage to restore my system with a restore point.
    if i had tried the fixes up until 3:55(where i got access denied) , but now windows works from a previous restore point, does what i did from this video affect the boot in any way?
    i also tried the bootsect nt60 sys before exiting

  13. Still says access denied

  14. What a waste of time, Same thing! V:efimicrosoftboot>bootrec /fixboot

    Access is denied

  15. Backward slash is not working during advance boot up in cmd (windows 10)

  16. YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!
    WORKED with your 1703 Windows (Just downloaded the contents of the 64 bit version and placed that on the flash.
    Windows was still "corrupted" but after a couple restarts it prompted for safe-mode – and booted successfully.
    Then ran CHKDSK /F command in command prompt. as well as "sfc /scannow"
    It restarted, ran the checkdisk – fixed finally.

  17. thank you .please how to restart windows 8.1 .thank you

  18. I had an error in /fixboot . Says access denied. Then i wrote "bootsect /nt60 sys" (without the "") and press enter. Now try again bootrec /fixboot and Will work. Then just follow these comands
    bootrec /scanos
    (It can find 0 or 1 Windows installations)
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    Thanks for this video

  19. I am having issues downloading your WIndows 10 file. It keeps saying Zipping 1 file…

  20. Hi! I had changed the id of a selected partition"fat32" with (set id=….) and now I can't find that partition in the list! PLEASE HELP! How can I bring it back to the list??!!

  21. I'm sorry but neither of your fixes worked.. I am still getting access denied when trying to get bootrec fixboot to function. My laptop stopped booting after the last update from microsoft ( windows 10 ) about a week ago and I can't get it to boot past the blue repair screen . Thanks though…

  22. It gives me data error (cyclic redundancy check) 😫

  23. Thank you! Fixed bootfiles that were missing.

  24. 4:52 i pressed enter and it failed what do i do now

  25. guys if nothing works try this one, I couldn't get past the fixboot access denied part.

    So, I went to my BIOS and turned safe boot on and changed the boot priority 1 to windows boot .
    and I am back to my windows. just like that.
    or, go to one time boot by pressing f12 on startup and select windows boot.
    backup necessary files and re-install windows.

  26. V:>md efimicrosoftboot
    Access is denied.

  27. still facing access denied error

  28. Mine keeps giving acess denied.What to do?

  29. Once I changed letter it said it was successful, but then I get "the file is corrupted and unreadable"

  30. How to change the text of x:windowssystem 32 in yout format text?

  31. 3:55 what do I do after it says access denied.?

  32. I got lost at MD efimicrosoftboot.
    Can you help me? Getting an error "the directory or file cannot be created". Need major help. Thank you if you can help me.

  33. Dude you are the man! Ive been waiting years for a fix to this.

  34. After typing "bcdboot c:windows /l en-us /s v: /f all", Failure when attempting to copy boot files – this thing comes….

    What should I do in this case?

  35. If you get the error copying boot files, ensure you're typing the correct disk drive letter. In other words, D was my disk drive and not C

  36. when I got to v:efimicrosoftboot>bootrec/fixboot I got access denied
    thank you

  37. Actually this is not the problem,just go and click diskpart,after than click list volume,have a look at the volumes you have,now select the smallest volume by writing select volume 1,2,3 depending on your numbering,now click active,this error occurs because you market disk C as your active partion,dont select volume C as active volume

  38. Bootrec command not found ?
    Any idea how to fix that

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