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How to Fix a Boot Up Problem (Official Dell Tech Support)

Watch how to fix a boot up problem by checking BIOS settings. Having the proper settings can help resolve boot issues. Learn how to restore BIOS settings, change the boot mode (Legacy/UEFI), boot sequence and SATA operation.
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  1. When open my pc black, no boot options, what I can do, my delln5050. Please help me

  2. alert! previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint (wake) please note this checkpoint HOW FIX PLSS

  3. @techsupportdell why does my new xps 13 have to be restarted to work. Turn it on and it sits at dell screen for hours till i manually hold the button down n reboot it. Always works the 2nd time but never the 1st!!!

  4. Hey
    I need you help please reply I am unable to open my laptop its says no boot device found what should I do please help

  5. Second choice works for my situation. Restore settings in BIOS. Thank you.

  6. I'm facing problem that Dell logo freezes model 5593 please help me

  7. Dell XPS
    My laptop can't boot after update. Why? And how to solve the problem? Thank you

  8. dont work on mydell xps l521x

  9. i switched from uefi to legacy boot and problemo solved .

  10. Hello can you help me fix this i posted a video of the problem. On my channel

  11. i don't have internal hdd in legacy boot options i setup windows but i can't open the os please helpppppp i buy it new

  12. Dell Inspiron 5575 can't change the boot mode , it's seems locked

  13. Bought 2 inspiron 13 7000 for my office, worst things ever made. I will no more buy DELL. NEVER AGAIN!

  14. My 3455 also runs diagnostics tests and tells me hard drive is bad. I guess maybe it's getting hot freezes an cannot boot

  15. I have Dell 3455 and it crashes an I have to unplug it. Than it want reboot. I can unplug it for awhile and it starts up runs for bout 5 mins

  16. What if you can’t get to bios? I’m just getting a black screen that says
    “boot guard verified dxe that is failed
    Press any key to shutdown”
    No logo, no ability to run in diagnostic mode or system restore. F.

  17. I can't get into BIOS.

  18. What is the correct boot sequence when changing the bios?

  19. Plssss help me I need pls mine keeps rebooting and shows the logo

  20. input boot pption name

  21. Good day.. Sir.. My dell laptop does not open.. Dell 14-3000 series corei3 amd

  22. My computer is stuck on the loading screen (loads to 65%) then shuts off and turns back on, how do I fix that

  23. My dell inspiron will let ke set it up but than go back to setup screen and say that it needs a update but it wont update it

  24. Don't work usb port keyboard tell me this problem sulation

  25. This is not helpful for me

  26. Bro plzz help me..i about to cry…my new dell laptop ins..13..is saying hard drive not installed..i tried the legacy boot method it worked for the first time and after some hours it is again saying that hard drive not installed..it is my new laptop..i am fucking pissed sooo bro plzz help..help….help…,,,i have tried every method of youtube but nothing worked……i…….need……..help…i dont wanna die by my father…….

  27. My desktop is frozen and says attempting to recover undoing changes made to your computer. Now, how do I fix this? I did a diagnostic and everything passed.

  28. Thank bro successfully

  29. Awesome video❤❤

  30. I don't remember my boot password of my dell inspiron N4050

  31. Dell Inspiron 11- 3162 one of wrost laptops ever.. WTF did oyu make re-installing OS so difficult . I reformatted my EMMC and now im having issues reinstalling OS. I have goen thru all forums, tech sites & youtube videos regarding the issue on couldnt create partition. I have tried using diskpart to repartition abnd xcopy the files but after i reboot it device it would not find teh bootable partition created. Tried dozens other different combintation, still didnt fix the issue.. I also tried looking for the drivers of this stupid SANDISK EMMC 32gb DF4032. Sandisk themselves said they dotn supprot it since its OEM and DELL should have all the drivers. I cant find the driver on your site. WTF Dell

  32. I don’t found in Inspiron n5050 bios setting

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