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How to enter at BIOS with Sony Vaio (IMMEDIATE SOLUTION)

There are a lot of videos with too much blah blah blah with no reason , well if you wanna know how you can have access into BIOS settings just press and hold the F2 button before you press the power button. When you hold F2 button , press the power button and never let the F2. Be patient and in less than 30 seconds the Bios menu will appear. When this happend its time to release the F2.

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  4. Thank you very much man.. really appreciated your effort to do this tutorial. 😊😊

  5. NICE IT WORKS !!!

  6. YEAH!!! THANK yOU!!!

  7. Thank you for UR help brother

  8. Thank you!

  9. I have a problem. On my Sony vaio pc the bootmgr is missing but I don’t know how to create a bootable usb/dvd. Can you help me?

  10. For some sony vaios all fns buttons never work but assist button just keep holding it.

  11. Thanks man.
    Spasibo bratan, poluchilos.

  12. Very very good.

  13. Chutiya bna rha h

  14. When i press powerbottom it turnon as usual

  15. Name processor i no look in bios sony vaio =(

  16. τι ακριβως κανει το system bios γιατι προσφατα μου εκανε αυτοματα μια αναβαθμιση ο υπολογιστης μου!!

  17. Thanks bro. Liked and subscribed.

  18. you saved my life. thank you!!

  19. Thank you so much for your valuable video demonstration .

  20. Thank you liking my comment Anton but sadly it didn’t work thanks

  21. Let it go let it go let the f2 button go from frozen

  22. Hello. I have one problem I got a reset window. Ando does the I switch on my computer. And I got switch off. Butt 2nd day is not happend on or of. No work

  23. Ooo lala

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  25. It is the real solution. Thank you bro

  26. out of all the video tutorials i have seen, this is the only one that actually helped. thank you !

  27. Thanks, the only video I found that had the information that I needed, fast and effective
    5 ☆☆☆☆☆….✌🏻😎👍🏻

  28. Thank you very much

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  30. I have a Sony Vaio E series laptop. Tried exactly what you mentioned, but this isn't working good.
    Please help. It seems like the system got crashed and it doesn't boot up

  31. it doesn't work help me brother

  32. Worked like a charm…

  33. Thank you very much sir.

  34. in Menu you dont have the Advanced Mode

  35. Thank you so much Sir! It worked!!! I just press and hold F2, then click power button, and still holding F2 and actually count for 30 seconds until BOOT screen appeared and release F2. Once again, Thank you very, very much Sir!

  36. Nice one !

  37. Thanks so much… yes did work !!!!

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