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How to Draw the Female Body – Torso and Hips – Angled Pose

In this video we will cover how to draw the female torso and hips on an angle. By first drawing the basic blocks we can keep perspective in mind. I will then show you how I draw the anatomy of the female form on top of this primitive structure. In the next few videos we will be covering more view points so please subscribe!

Let me know what you think of this video and please share it if you find it to be helpful with your studies!

Thanks for watching and more content is on the way real soon! 😉

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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  1. This was neat! U r good at drawing!😁😍

  2. Omg, please change the speed of this. Can’t follow your tutorial.

  3. Getting better

  4. Thanks for the help cuase im trying to learn how to draw anime bodies!

  5. The title is wrong , it should be ……" How I am drawing female torso " .

  6. no matter how hard I try to follow a tutorial, something always fucks up! A line is slightly too long or small at the beginning, a bit to wonky somewhere else, and before I know it the later stages come out looking like giant turds!

  7. He should play csgo with this crosshair mouvement
    P.S. I came to see what I do wrong

  8. Every video should be like this short and understandable.

  9. I mean, how to draw tits?

  10. Um it’s kinda weird because I’m pretty sure your a male and what your drawing isn’t really appropriate

  11. I can't believe I was actually able to draw that :))

  12. What app drawing app is the best and what are you using

  13. Why does these lines look easy to draw out, but instead it’s harder for me to draw those lines?

  14. Bruh, I cat even draw a straight line

  15. Nice work 🙂

  16. ;-; I cant cringe more.

  17. 🤔I should use boxes. This is a great tip. I will apply this with my next project.

  18. Im a female and i just find the drawing of a female anatomy so beautiful and fun to draw…

  19. Thank youuuuu

  20. God- my self esteem is shit

  21. owo thicc

  22. Can you please do more female torso videos or make a gumroad with the female torso drawn from several angles!

  23. Snap all the way from Block to Lady, thanks for the upload, helps

  24. what program is he using there?

  25. Dislike

  26. Poubelle. Lixo. Trash. This video is a wonderful trash.

  27. This video drastically changed the way I draw the female figure and some figure in general.

    With all the tips in this video, I had a better understanding of how to really map out the body and really flesh out the technique I had going for myself. As an artist with no formal art education, I never got good anatomy lessons or always found them hard to find but this video really changed things.

  28. What's with the stars ya horny bastard…lol

  29. This wasn't really that helpful because you were going too fast.

  30. Didnt come for a character tip…

  31. Wrong, females carry more fat around the stomach. It’s very rare that a woman looks like that

  32. hey ! what software do you use to draw ? thx

  33. Are circles better than rectangles for the sketch?

  34. I am concerned that a male is drawing this, am I the only one?

  35. Illuminat

  36. great video I struggle with female characters but my male ones look awesome

  37. What kind of program your using here?

  38. Holy crap, this vid covers the two parts of the body I suck at drawing. Thank you for making this, it helped a lot!

  39. شكرا لمجهودك

  40. BEST tutorial EVERR!!! I just tried it and it worked really well! tysm!

  41. Please stop flipping the drawing 😭
    I followed your guide step by step and it's confusing the hell outta me

  42. I have a question. If using the boxing method, or most any other blocking method, how does one determine how long the space between the boxes (i.e. the torso and the hips) should be accurately? Is there a measurement of some kind to tell if one has too much or too little space between?

  43. Yeah


  44. very nice

  45. Omg…2 boxes turned into a woman COOL


  47. you are good nd explain things good. but can you slow down..!

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