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How to Draw Structure in the Body – Robo Bean

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In this episode we take the Bean and add structure to it based on the landmarks of the body. The Robo Bean represents the body as simple boxes to help us find its orientation and visualize it as a 3D form.

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Why use the Robo Bean?
What Landmarks do I use when contructing the boxes of the Robo Bean?
Differences between genders?
How do the boxes move?
More about the Twist

Premium Video – One of the hardest areas for people is the connection between the ribcage and pelvis. In the premium video I explain how to draw the area between the two boxes and will show A Lot of examples –

models – Chanon Finley, Aaron Simunovich, Marcia Churchill, Veronica LaVery, Yoni Baker

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  2. What is the pencil that you are using in this video? I love this color!

  3. I got to seem porn and art

  4. That's great video. It helps me a lot. It is hard to find a art class here but I love to draw and your videos guide me a lot. Thank you so much.

  5. God I really wish I had clicked that button in time

  6. I can't click the button. I was watching it offline And thank you.

  7. Minecraft themed.

  8. he was so young…


  10. Your welcome 2:39 2:39 2:39 2:39 2:39 2:39 hamburger 🍔

  11. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
    Suggestion , if you really want to learn drawing :-
    Don't read the comments , they all are filled with NEGATIVITY.
    You will be demotivated after reading the comments and won't be able to draw.

  12. I was afraid of my parents while seing this video..

  13. Censcored 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Why is the robo bean advanced compared with the bean? It's easier.

  15. I wanna twist the torso but it’s so hard 😭

  16. hmm,..if robobean the preferred method,why study bean the first place?

  17. hello, are critiques only for premium followers? Thank you!

  18. When I ues robo bean
    I couldt show gesture

  19. Thank you! I’ve been taking a life drawing class with little or no instruction. Your videos are fantastic.

  20. New video bhejo bhai

  21. I found this easier than draw gesture with line.

  22. Hahaha thats what you get for not clicking xD it was worth the waiting …

  23. differences btw sexes, not genders, silly :p

  24. proko is kinda cute no homo

  25. Thank you

  26. need in spanish TT i understand this teciq is ameiiziiing xD but you have moooooooosttt imagination

  27. @Proko, Wow!, with videos like these who needs art school.

  28. Эх , есть все субтитры кроме русских ))))

  29. Stanislav Prokopenko, Thank you.

  30. 2:13

  31. Interesting for the dinamics movement for mechas

  32. Why the nudity

  33. Stan's last name sounds like a rubber ball bouncing off the floor , hitting the wall and then falling on the ground , lol

  34. Thanx… it was very use full for me….. as i was not able to draw torso…. thanks a lot

  35. ¡Usted es el rey de reyes!

  36. 1:22

    That just makes me realize how oddly flexible legs are

  37. C L I C K T H E B U T T O N

  38. I don't think it's a button anymore

  39. Tip: You can draw the bean first then make it into a robo bean
    it wont make anything bad
    you're still going to learn

  40. Made me chuckle @ 5:30 great info thanks for the vid

  41. I am very glad to discover your channel

  42. …did you seriously do a near 2 minute bit for your outtro? -_-

  43. Hey Proko, I am a traditionally trained artist with a bachelors degree in art, and i KNOW all the information about structure and anatomy that should be able to make me draw and sculpt well but i hit a wall because of my proportion blindness. My lines are sloppy and I can't even draw a circle well, and i can see when something is wrong but i can't seem to draw it right. Even referential tricks like the robo bean and the loomis head come out proportionally wrong. When i focus too hard, it just makes my eyes hurt and gives me a headache. This has caused a plateau in my work for years that has impeded my ability to improve. Is this due to a disability and how can i get past this?

  44. GBYou bro!!

  45. Proko is one good looking mudafuka

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