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How to Draw: Male Manga Body Tutorial

In this tutorial video, I show how I draw male bodies. This isn’t the only way, mind you, it’s just a guide on how to draw the male body in an easier way. Start with simple shapes and then do what you want from there! These are just the basics, so you’re not gonna find how to draw Dragonball Z muscles here lolol.
Programs Used: Active Presenter (screen recording), Yeti Microphone (voice recording), Windows Movie Maker (editing), and Photoshop CS6 (drawing program)

I used an Ugee 2150 to draw. 🙂

Thanks to Lupin the Beatsmith for my outro tune! Check out the fam’s Soundcloud:


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  1. Her: drawing fast as F*ck Me: doing a horrible drawing because oh her fastness 😛

  2. aaa i should have started drawing males beforeeeee for me it's a lot harder drawing male than female.. i dunno why maybe bc when i started drawing before i started with female ones :v

  3. Omg i can’t focus🤣 you’re so funny but i learn a lot thank to you❤️😌

  4. Saving this video for ✨yaoi drawings✨

  5. Me watching this at three in the morning: yeah this seems pretty easy
    Me the next day trying to draw: what kinda witch craft is this?

  6. I’m here because I struggle with guy’s legs ha ha

  7. Girls drawing Male body
    Oh wow
    Boys drawing female body

  8. The area where most girls like UGGFDFDYRDGFIGUGULGKHFTUXYDZHG

  9. girls are kinda curvy and men….. are like, straight

  10. 7:30 omfg mood 😂😂😂 thats a automatic sub right there


  12. I like my men thick

  13. I can’t draw bodies for sHi-

    So ty!-

  14. I’m tryna draw sangwoo

  15. Her: DO NOT draw the nibbles like that….
    Me: erases

  16. Great!

  17. “*something something about how men are more straight*”

    t h e y l e s s g a y ?

  18. This* ;-;

  19. What app are u using to draw dis

  20. this was so helpful ,

  21. i just listened to this while drawing my own male body and your voice is so calming yet funny to listen to xd !!

  22. I suck at this, I'm tryna' learn how to draw male proportions lol- ( also this helped so thank you so fucking much! )

  23. Me when I’m presenting and mess up 💀7:38

  24. Thanks you helped my out a lot you will be remembered

  25. This helped so much thank youuuu

  26. me trying to draw killua : he looks a little weird….

    if u didn’t get it, killua has a little baby looking body, so….

  27. i can't drawing without laughing at her raging haha.

  28. I'd quote the funniest parts of the vid in the comments for the sake of saying "lol I died @ this part" but I'd end up writing a script 😂

  29. Imagine kids drawing this with good proportions and abs.

  30. She said “why do I keep saying start? Where are we going?!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Did you really have to make it hot?

  32. I've come to the point in life where I'm about to draw my own hot anime boys…

  33. Thank you for the body tutoriel it really helped!

  34. Я одна услышала слово "восемь".?

  35. im bad at everything except the base

  36. Oml u made this super interesting, I subbed 😂 usually I watch tutorials and it’s just a bunch of talking but u made me laugh 😭😂

  37. Who was that Man U used as I pose lmao

  38. My friend gave me a dare that in a year i would draw a good Male body:)

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