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How to Draw Male Body Proportions [Narrated Tutorial]






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  1. How do i draw fat people

  2. Nice work man well done thanks you

  3. I like it

  4. i want the picture of puppy

  5. 9:20 It's called the cum gutter

  6. .-. my hands were meant for drawing horrifying creatures not humans lol

  7. You are an inspiration and I have learned everything I know from you.

  8. Awesome

  9. wow

  10. Finally i found an excellent video 😊😊😃😃

  11. Yes! I know how to draw a full body of a person THANK YOU!

  12. You dont draw 8 heads you just measure the proportions with head length

  13. It doesn't mater that i'm girl bu now i'm in love with drawing bodies and that's amazing lesson for me 😉 thanks.

  14. wow

  15. Did Crilley ever end up doing one of these for the female body??

  16. I finished the male, and I didn't really like the other female how to draws that were floating around YT, so I just drew the female using this reference and I have to say—she looks pretty sick dudes. 🤘😝

  17. Why the freik do u talk so much dude just after drawing something small u talk about for 3 mins

  18. this helped me because i suck at drawing hands,the arm muscles and the leg muscles. keep up the good work!

  19. One of the best on YouTube!.

  20. How they drawing a human in 2134 years?

  21. I've drawn it and mine turn exactly same.
    I would like to show you my drawing.

  22. I try to draw a male chest on my male characters but I can only draw them straight otherwise I make it accidentally look feminine because I’m way more experienced at drawing girls.

  23. What’s the point of the five guide lines when nothing meets them except the heels and 19.5cm is more irrelevant than anything else except your awful Arnold impersonation.

  24. Mark i chalenge you to draw a realistuc venom with lots of shade

  25. You suck giving explanation and plus u put fast mode on drawing so idk shit!

  26. Wosh wosh wosh wolah

  27. Guess what you're gay

  28. Guess what you're gay

  29. it always gets confusing when you fast forward.

  30. You talking to much

  31. I should just give up. I suck at art!

  32. Oh my God this guy has a 6 pack lol

  33. I came here to start making my characters not lesbian

  34. 👏🤘💖💖😍😍😀😀😀

  35. WOOHOO seen him to my door

  36. frickimg hands

  37. My only problem was that I always draw girls and focused on them until I I mastered it but then came to realise that I can't draw men Without a reference

  38. Sadly I can draw faces but not the body

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