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How to Create Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk

How to Create Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk

Live CD or USB are very useful for repairing computers, if your an administrator your know all about WinPE discs. I wanted to show you guys how to create your own Windows PE disc or USB flash drives. You can add all your own portable apps or programs to your build also add all your driver to it as well. So sit back and enjoy the video on how to build your own Windows 7 PE.

1. Download Windows AIK
2. Install Windows AIK (Burn to CD or Unpack to Desktop) Run StartCD.exe
3. Click Windows AIK Setup
4. Now Create WinPE (Open Microsoft Windows AIK, click Deployment Tools Command Prompt Right click it and Run as Admisitrator)
5. Now type: copype amd64 or x86 c:winpe
6. Check c: root for winpe folder
7. Now type copy c:winpewinpe.wim c:winpeisosourcesboot.wim
8. Now prepare your flash drive using Diskpart.exe
9. Open Run and type Diskpart
10. Type list disk
11. Type select disk 1 or usb drive number
12. Type clean
13. Type create partition primary
14. Type active
15. Type format fs=ntfs quick label=winpe
16. Type assign
17. Type exit
18. Open command prompt
19. Type xcopy c:winpeiso*.* f: /e
20. f is drive letter of usb or copy and paste to pen drive
21. Create iso of your winpe type: oscdimg – n –bc:winpeetfsboot.com c:winpeiso c:winpewinpe.iso
22. Type exit
23. Now burn your disc

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  1. 2 questions about this. After I used the command prompt to make the directory to C and copy the files to it, I am missing the 2 "efisys" files. So how would I remedy this issue/does it matter? Also does this method boot to GPT?

  2. Skip to 2:57

  3. 7:24 Hey I am stuck on this part I think, Is the ISO needed to boot windows correctly when use said USB drive. Because at the moment when I use the USB stick to boot Windows I am greeted by a CMD on the laptop I am trying to repair. Maybe everything is correct and I just have to type in a set of commands. Please, I would like to know if you could help or point me in the right direction.

  4. Isn't this basically the same as a Windows 7 System Repair Disc that a lot of computer manufacturers provide, either on a CD like years ago or as an ISO on their website?

  5. Awesome job Brian

  6. You sound like Korg from Thor Ragnarok

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for saving me. I had difficulties to expand my Disc C and decided to make it active hopping that this will allow me to expand it hahaha. And everything died after the restart. Thanks once again

  8. Thank Your from Phoenix Arizona USA ;<)

  9. Does this method install usb drivers on start?

  10. Very great tip man!

  11. Hey! Great video. Thanks! Question: how large does my USB Flash Drive need to be? Thank you!

  12. I'm having an issue. When I boot from usb(using what we made in the video) I am unable to type into the command prompt that shows in my PE. Help?

  13. Eres un genio Te quiero. ;))

  14. Nice video… thx!!
    Can we use this winpe to perform system image restore in win 7? Also, can we inject usb 3.0 driver in it?

  15. oscdimg is not recognized as an internal or external command.

  16. Many thanks for this, Phil Jupitus, very helpful.

  17. Am I a idiot or what ?
    I am using WAIK and I want to make a iso of it ???
    I cant seem to understand how to give iso automation i only get a iso that is totally normal, how do i use my unattended.xml ? and how do i do so that i get custom drivers to the installation at the same time ?

  18. Does winpe.wim have to be called boot.wim? I'm referring to when you copied winpe.wim to c:winpeisosourcesboot.wim? Why did you copy over to that path exactly? Thanks.

  19. A very quick and unambiguous explanation. Very helpful!

  20. It is better to create a Windows 7 PE disk with WinBuilder. It is easier by using WinBuilder.

  21. i have a big problem with these methond
    When i want to format my flash drive i get an error: The file system incompatible
    What can i do now?

  22. Thanks Brian! As always, excellent work! Love the Wallpaper BTW. Where could I get it?

  23. Thank you so much Britec09, you've thought me much useful computer tips. I watch your videos for 2 years thanks from Algeria you're doing great job

  24. Good one. When i try to install some apps on my windows 10, install not working n says Error Code 2755. Why it says? Do you have any solution? Be happy

  25. good video and nice info, thank you Brian.

  26. Thanks for the clear and concise instructions Brian! Win 7 for me always….Have a great week!

  27. Thanks Brian ;-D
    Ive used winbuilder and that works too, your method looks simpler :-).
    Ooow your listed 1-23 comments, the F in no 19 needs to be J
    Or dump 20, and replace f in 19 with (current usb letter)

  28. Great vid, thanks Brian

  29. what is windows 7 pe?

  30. Ah xcopy, the good ol' days. Nice vid as usual. You should do more cmd prompt stuff like using various DISM switches and using Powershell.

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