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How to Create UEFI Bootable USB flash Drive to Install Windows 10/8.1/7

How to Create UEFI Bootable USB flash Drive to Install Windows 10/8.1/7
Hi friends, I showed up in this video how to make uefi bootable usb flash drive to install windows 10. The method that we’ll show here it’s very easy. Watch this video for more information about how to make bootable usb pendrive for windows.

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  1. Can you also make a tutorial to install windows OS on UEFI mode?

  2. Thanks bro!

  3. Nice, but background music was too loud

  4. Windows 7iso it is not working 'boot secure enable". Other iso win8 and win 10 okay

  5. Windows 7 uefi usb flash drive install starting logo stuck please help

  6. why this disturbing music

  7. Vim file not showing please help me sir

  8. I downloaded two different software before and I was unable to create a bootable USB to load my OS on a server, this little program recommended here is a gem!

  9. Amazing, I liked your video, thanks a lot!

  10. Brother , how to install Windows on hp nvia snapdragons 855..

  11. I don't understand, why choose file system 32 and not ntfs? thank you!

  12. Fucking awesome , thank you so much !! 😍😍

  13. very helpful

  14. Sir if my usb is not a bootable the in boot manager usb option will be available or not???

  15. If I don't use gpt pertition option then usb option will be available or not??

  16. Tell your viewers that your ISO image file must be EFI bootable ISO file. Otherwise it would not be able to create bootable pen drive or DVD.

  17. how to downloade win 10 iso please give me link

  18. hi
    thanks for the method , however if i disable security boot its ask for bitlocker key which i don't have
    pls advise

  19. Can you do it without using rufus

  20. Good video #SCSTech

  21. Amigos, perdi no minimo 3 horas tentando entender pq meu pendrive (que uso em várias máquinas) não estava reconhecendo num notebook login, peguei esse detalhe ai "GPT UEFI" e funcionou!
    valeu amigo!

  22. how to posible above 4gb file windows 10 on fat 32

  23. Can i boot windows without inserting the usb flash drive after installation?? Please reply

  24. Goo Ahead ……. Good JOB !!!……

  25. Pendrive option is not coming in boot menu

  26. Tnx

  27. Okay your bios is different but what happens if you don't disable secure boot? What happens?

  28. Msi h110m motherboard a ki vabe set korbo aktu bolo….

  29. Thank you very much brother

  30. i mean changing from legacy to uefi will make me able to access bios so i can disable secure boot?

  31. does the secure boot option comes after making the usb uefi bootable or what?i have hp desktop i can't find secure boot (i have f10 setup, f2,and del not working for bios).and i can't see uefi firmware even if i restart from system & options, (and it shows legacy in system information) how to disable my secure boot?

  32. Thank you so much, so helpful!

  33. But it not showing.

  34. thanks, bro you saved my life 🙂

  35. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  36. what is differ UEFI Bootable USB flash Drive vs Bootable USB flash Drive

  37. Thank you for sharing this information, Liked!

  38. Joinha !

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