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How to create bootable USB of Windows XP 2019

In this video i showed you how to create bootable usb of Windows xp easily. We used two software to create bootable usb in this video. Famous bootable usb creating software is not helping peoples to create bootable usb of Windows xp, so watch this video and learn how to create bootable usb of Windows xp. Windows xp iso download video link is given below.

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Download link for Rufus and Win32diskmanager :-

Also Watch how to download Windows xp ISO latest :-

Watch how to create bootable usb of any OS :-

Install drivers in Windows XP any PC :-


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  1. you dont need rufus you can just put the Windows XP iso file in ur usb stick

  2. obsolete things might want some help. but it works for some reason 🙂

  3. rufus doesnt work for me, ill try win32 manager and maybe if still didnt work, ill buy cd and just burn wndows XP. thanks

  4. i have use rufus when i whant to boot it it give me a black screen

  5. Sir
    In the end of video you will delete whole partition re-create it after this we have to copy windows xp in USB via Rufus???

  6. This will not work, Windows XP doesn't boot using a USB, you have to burn it to a Disc.

    Otherwise it's impossible to boot from a USB drive. trust me guys.

  7. Thanks u

  8. Your are not using windows XP

  9. TIP "it's always a good idea to download the same version like that you've watched on the video"
    keep going <3

  10. Is the iso service pack 3, 2, or 1?

  11. Can't boot

  12. now i'm gonna dual boot windows 10 and windows xp

  13. Do I need to use Rufus and Win32diskmanager or just one of them

  14. hi boss, i have get a rar file from your link that you provided. but i can't create bootable usb drive using that rar file. what can i do now ?

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