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How to create a Messenger Bot

Get started with developing your experience in Messenger. This walkthrough will take you from creating a page until having a live experience running on Messenger, This experience is based on the demo business Original Coast Clothing, am eComm business that leverages messaging to promote sales and provide customer care to its customers. Based on this tutorial


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  1. doing research into the f8 hackathon and i am wondering am i supposed to start with this clone repo? i have been following the guide on the dev page but i am unsure my app is talking with my bot… i can see me bot is working. seems like you give us all the stuff we need to make a bot in the quick start guide. should I just clone this repo and move on? or do you want to see us write the code?

  2. Hi Facebook Developers, How do you change the "about section" of the bot (i.e. seen before clicking "get started"). I tried to change the "profile.greeting" under en_US.json, but it has no effect. It still says "Welcome to Original Coast Clothing…" when checking the bot from messenger.

  3. Hi, is there maximum number of page persons we can create ?

  4. OR you can skip all this stupid un-user-friendly / complicated shit and just go with manychat or some other software.

  5. Nice video! I've got an issue, is it possible to create a bot which would be capable of sending people messages in direct message AND in a group chat?
    One which would be able to take inputs from the group chat and the DM and generate answers depending on both?
    If so, how would you do this?

  6. Thank you for the video. Just an observation. AT Min 11:19 Messenger App on the Mobile you will probably not find your Page/bot. I am not sure if it is a limitation or it is missing some step to have it available.

  7. Really digging the Monopoly car on the shelf 🙂

  8. How Can I Make Custom Q/a Chat Bot

  9. Is it possible to have a French translation on the bottom of this video?
    It’s really a amazing video, but I don’t understand some words and expression.


  11. Look at Yash’s face at the beginning 🤣

  12. I have found two mistakes from Facebook.
    How can I tell Facebook about this problem?
    And I can hack Facebook by brute force attack by my new method and SS7.
    I am a student in software engineering.

  13. Hi
    I want to delete someone from Messenger without blocking him
    how can i do it ???

  14. The messenger bot also will understand Swahili language example: if i say hello in my language so messenger will understand it and reply in my for both sender and receiver. if not please tell me tell or direct on how to teach it manual through your code sample🙄🙄. I ❤️FB since donkey's year

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