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How To Create a Facebook Messenger Bot (MANYCHAT Tutorial) 2017

HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK MESSENGER BOT (MANYCHAT TUTORIAL) 2017 // HOW TO CREATE A FREE FACEBOOK BOT IN 2017 USING MANYCHAT // In this video I’ll teach you how to create your own free Facebook messenger bot and how you can use it to grow your business and your brand.

If you’ve been curious about Facebook messenger bots and how to use them, I use mine to promote any new content that I have, to increase my response time on my Facebook page, to improve customer service, to grow my email list and to promote my new products and services for increased conversions, increased sales, and increased business.

If you want to create your own free Facebook bot, you can create Facebook messenger bot in ManyChat (link to ManyChat is below). Watch this step-by-step ManyChat tutorial to create your first Facebook bot and start growing your subscriber base for your Facebook messenger bot, so that you have a whole list of people that you can communicate messages with for your business and brand.


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  1. I have a business Facebook page and I can’t connected they keep saying create a Facebook account, you do it too fast slow down

  2. Sunny Thanks for your time here. I am looking for a way to be able to send everyone a message on facebook with out creating a (group message). I have a few hundred plus I'd like to let know when I go live. I know there is a way to do this but there's just to much info on youtube and it all gets to confusing for me. is there an easy way to do this using manychats and messenger?

  3. Thanks so much for your explanation.

  4. Nice

  5. How can we automate replies on Facebook group posts?

  6. useful!!!

  7. Thanks!! Sunny, your vids are MASSIVELY helpful!! Keep them coming! So much appreciated

  8. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. <3 <3 <3 all the information. I found the music annoying. Built stress in me. not relaxing for me

  10. Thanks for the help

  11. This video is lacking so many basic steps. I've watched several videos over 2 days and not one has clearly shown how to set up the welcome message, publish it and show a demo of how it actually works on FB. This is a complete time waster. If you're going to do a tutorial, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer who knows absolutely nothing. Don't just put up videos to put up videos.

  12. You are amazing…

  13. Bot not working 😑

  14. Where does the landing page go? I'm sorry for being dense but this setup the bot but how do people subscribe to it?

  15. Seems that ManyChat has updated and looks totally different now. Do you have an updated tutorial?

  16. Unfortunately, you have really skilled a lot on how to set up the bot and make sure that it's working to getting leads for you directly from messenger without the need of setting up a landing page.

  17. Girl!!! THANK YOU. I have been trying to figure this out all day. Wish I would have found you first.

  18. For LANDING PAGE where do you promote that on FACEBOOK?

  19. hi, can this be applied to a musicians page?

  20. Girl thank you.
    This is so simple to set up. Thanks for those explanations !

  21. i'm deffinitely applying this strategy!

  22. Awesome video!

  23. I may be in the minority here, but please……slow down!! Please realise that not everyone is familiar with your accent and rate of speech. I find I'm constantly rewinding to get all the words.

  24. Awesome for right to the point tutorial! Nothing to waste! 9:42 What does the tattoo mark stand for?

  25. The video is very helpful. Thanks for share

  26. Thank you for simplifying it! 😀

  27. I love u

  28. This was super helpful. Thank you!

  29. I subscribed u sexymama

  30. G

  31. Do you have an updated fb bot video?

  32. A really great overview of the tool– now I can get it going! Thanks Sunny

  33. Hi
    may i ask a question please?
    does manychat free plan limit subscribers at 5000 like Chatfuel?
    thanks a lot 🌷🌷

  34. Create your own bot you can use botchief Crea, modifica e verifica i robot nel browser Chrome locale. Durante l'esecuzione di bot nel compilatore o nel corridore, Chrome si aprirà anche per eseguire operazioni.

  35. Thanks so much. Great job explaining this. I appreciate it!

  36. So cool, free bot!

  37. Hi Sunny, I just made my own messenger bot following you but I had a problem where some people try to sign up with the landing page link but after login in with their fb login, it send them back to the beginning instead of the thank you page. And it doesn’t show on my account that the subscribed. Please help😢

  38. Very Helpful information. Thank You and I will review more of your videos

  39. I'm very every interested then everything's

  40. Nice do u have a boyfriend don worry im single

  41. Wow! This is great! Thanks so much Sunny! 🙂

  42. how can i practice creating bot?

  43. ai爱

  44. Thumbs up for "like a boss" poster

  45. I´ve found your video second time now when searching for answers. Earned a sub. BTW I downloaded your guide 0 to 100 000 subs under 12 months and is super helpful.

  46. Great video Sunny 🙂

    I'm wondering, how would a blogger (for example) choose between trying to get email subscribers vs messenger subscribers? Both seem helpful, and I've been hearing that messenger open rates are way higher.

  47. I'm trying to watch this on my phone, but you decreased the text size considerably, by putting it on a monitor. So I had to ditch this. Too small text for even a galaxy note.

  48. Your videos are really helping me! thank you

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