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How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

With the new release of Windows 10, its a good idea to create a bootable windows media CD or USB flash drive. Its very important to do this in case you need to wipe / format you windows operating system and do a fresh install of windows at a later date, maybe your windows 10 got corrupted or you was infected with nasty malware and you want to reinstall windows.

Follow my guide on accomplishing this task in simple step by step guide, whether you have a legacy bios or UEFI setup, I will cover it all in this this video tutorial.

Download Windows 10
If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.

Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool

Boot from the media you created to install on a partition

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  1. Thnks very much !!keep safe

  2. Thanj Younj

  3. i have recovery drive on external hard disk is it enough or not

  4. Bought a Scandisk 32 GB flash drive. Brand new,all it does is flash a light off and on, and Win 10 says it won't format! I'm going crazy here. Bought it for my son — he lost his recovery flash drive and had computer problems, so I was going to make him a recovery flash drive. Windows says we can! BUT .. what is wrong with this little USB flash drive???

  5. thanks for the video
    but i dont know how to upload the windows now from usb. i changed my hdd for ssd on laptop so now i have to reboot the system… how can i do that?

  6. Dear Sir, Thank you so very much for your many good tutorials you recorded for us here! One question if you do not mind, about the second GPT version of Windows 10 bootable ISO file, is the FAT32 the preferable before NTFS for a 64bit system of a modern Laptop computer with the UEFI type of BIOS? Please help me out here before I create an USB bootable Windows 10 Home 64-bit ISO file and I would be most glad! Wishing you all the very Best always! Greetings from Sweden!

  7. It must be 1001 thousand now!!

  8. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive.TENKU…

  9. If I plug this Usb-Stick to my pc, will I need a license key later ? Am I going to have a free Windows 10 ?

  10. You can also use Windows to Go, which is built into Win10

  11. Would you want crack keys for many types of softwares. Enter in google as "101SecrectKeys" you'll find really good number of cracks available here.

  12. my pc is new with msi b230 mortar and 120 seaagate ssd.. when installing win10 and selected partition 120ssd it say cant install on this mbr partition and windows can only install gpt etc what seams tobe the problem?

  13. upload in mediafire then copy link in this video

  14. i used window 7 now i want window 10

  15. the internet is slow

  16. can you upload the crete installation media for another pc

  17. Hi Brian, i have made a flash drive as above, can you actually boot from it, when i try it asking me to reinstall windows and make changes to computer etc, but i just want to boot the computer up from it….from Fred in Essex.

  18. How do you know whether to use 64 or 32 bit version?

  19. I'm sorry, but with your excessive use of 'alphabetese' I couldn't understand a word of what you are trying to show us.

  20. Thanks.

  21. how to reset pc using usb?


  23. does anyone have any idea if it's even possible to put windows 10 (fully bootable, not simply the setup) onto a usb drive? ive been searching for 2 hours.

  24. windows 10 did an automatic download last week- now when I start up it keeps telling me "Updating please dont turn your PC off"- this went on for hours- now I cant repair or start in safe mode.

  25. which method is most stable, just maikng sure not to ruin my hard drive.

  26. Dude, you are a life saver. for anyone who is getting the "error code 0x80070422 – 0xa0019" when trying to install the Media Creation Tool, try this technique.

  27. does windows 10 media creation tool needs intenet connection

  28. Thanks for the videos, it helped a lot!

  29. I just cleared a usb, put it in my pc and selected usb flash drive, if i go into bios and select this as startup will this still work? should have checked before i started

  30. Will I be able to make my USB back into a usable USB afterwards?

  31. Mr Britec what size USB flashdrive for a win 7 ISO?

  32. well my laptop got ruined, as i was updating it restarted and then now its stuck on the dell logo. its been like this for 3 hours i really dont know what to do, someone help me please.

  33. So say I am building a pc, and instead of buying windows 10 again, I can just put it onto a usb, and reinstall onto my new pc?

  34. I'm building a gaming pc, I can just use the bootable drive to install it straight to the pc right?

  35. How did you get those iso files at 6:39?

  36. Click bait title. Thumbs down.

  37. Listen

  38. thanks for the tutorial it was very helpful, but could you please tell me the link for rufus tool. thank you again

  39. can we create multiple bootable windows on a pendrive?

  40. Where the %^&* is the Microsoft windows 10 download page.

  41. Very helpful. Detailed explanation. Good job!

  42. how big does the cd have to big? (the storage on it)

  43. u need a product key???

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